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Code of Honour

German Tarot Association Code of Honour

Our voluntary self commitment: Code of Honour

The Tarot is a complex instrument to gain insights that has been influenced by many generations. Therefore I am well aware that there are always a lot more possible insights and aspects to be gained from the imagery of the cards other than those that I arrive at with my interpretation of the cards.   

I know that the Tarot is a system of symbols covering a very wide range of aspects. In this system the topics addressed by each single card can be perceived and experienced as both being supportive or problematic. Therefore I will refrain from blatant interpretations in the form of „prescriptions“ or „cookbook“ answers and will not judge a card as being simply good or bad. I will also refrain from statements that can be understood as predicting an inevitable fate. Much rather am I striving to show the querent opportunities and possibilities of development and support them in taking control of their life and choosing their path of action.  

My statements are based solely on the interpretation of the Tarot cards; in the event that, for certain questions, I employ other methods of gaining insights, I will inform the querent about this. 

I covenant that I will not pass any information from my Tarot sessions on to third parties nor will I use the data for my personal gain. In legal matters, matters of finances, health or psychological questions that I am not qualified to answer I will recommend consulting a professional to get the assistance needed. I object to unethical questions and deprecatory statements, especially about parties that are not present. In the case of educational guidance I will not invade the child‘s privacy but treat it with the appropriate respect.

I know that my interpretation of the cards is always subjective and will therefore always counsel the querent in a way that they are aware of their own responsibility for their actions at all times. 
I know that violating this Code of Honour can lead to my exclusion from the Association.