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About Tarot

I often encounter sceptic faces when people find out I'm into tarot but mostly that is the result of wrong ideas connected with tarot reading. I don't own a trailer, I have never worn excessive amounts of gold jewellery and it is not very likely that you will hear me say things like, "Towards the end of the month you will meet a tall, handsome stranger, fall in love and get married". 

In fact, most people are a bit disappointed when I tell them that mostly my tarot readings are not about the future at all but more about helping the querent assess their current situation, looking at it through somebody else's eyes. A tarot reading should enable the querent to take their own decisions in order to shape and form their future. In a reading I won't tell you what WILL or WON'T happen, what you will hear from me is what's going on RIGHT NOW, what the underlying reasons might be, where there are pitfalls, what you need to pay attention to, what you can do in order to avoid certain problems or advice on what you can do to change a situation for the better. I tell you what is LIKELY to happen if you continue on your current path. 

The "fortune-telling" (i.e. divinatory) use of tarot is actually the one I have come to find the least fascinating over the years. I hardly ever do readings like that for myself anymore. Why ask what's going to happen next year? These days I'd much rather ask, "What side of myself will I have to pay more attention to next year?" or "What can I do to make my project a success?". 

But tarot is not only a divinatory tool. It is a card game which I heard is fun to play (will have to give it a try). It's a picture book of human experiences that you can use when you find ideas hard to verbalize. It's a collection of archetypical images that speak to the subconscious and can be used in therapy. It is a creative tool that can be used for story telling and writing. It is a tool that can help you meditate and very useful for self-exploration. Morevover, it is a great decision-making tool. Not in the sense that it makes decisions for you but it helps you to see a situation more clearly and take your own decision on the basis of your analysis. Tarot is incredibly versatile. 

Some people are even scared of the tarot. This too is due to wrong images from films or tv I suppose. There are some cards that are considered "scary" like "The Devil" or "Death" but the truth is that each single card in a 78-card deck has both positive and negative aspects, light and shadow and none of them is really "scary". They contain lessons, they help you understand why certain things are what they are and what you can do to improve your situation. 

I know there are readers who do it but in my opinion giving exact dates, predicting death, sickness or break-ups/divorce is dangerous, unethical and unsound - plus it does not help the querent. A tarot reading should be empowering, not scaring the hell out of you. 

Another thing I don't do is health readings. I am not a doctor and a tarot reading can never be a substitute for going to see a trained physician. I could tell you what inner attitude might help you cope or how you can support traditional medical therapy emotionally. That is all I'm willing and entitled to say about health matters.

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