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Montag, 9. September 2013

Turn and face the strain - ch-ch-changes....

I thought I'd try and have the tarot pose the question for me. So I pulled a card to represent my hidden question. 

Two of Pentacles made me think of the Bowie song "Changes" hence the title of this post. The question for me is: 

In what area of life do I need to see changes?


Seven of Pentacles (rx), Wheel of Fortune, Seven of Cups

Thinking about elemental dignities, I read this as Earth (Seven Pentacles) vs. Air (Wheel of Fortune) and Water (Seven of Cups). 
The Wheel in the middle made me think of a water mill. The wheel should be turning but the Seven Pentacles are slowing it down, clogging it while the Seven Cups is what should keep the Wheel turning. 
Two sevens showing the seeker and thinker and the struggle to find meaning. This clearly refers to my struggle with creativity. Seven Cups for me is strongly associated with the imaginative, creative mind and my writing. 
Seven Pentacles is everyday life, time-consuming work and it also has a timing aspect. 

For me this points to my constant dilemma. I'd love to be able to write for a living but it is not so easy to make a living as a writer. So I need to work. But while I have a job and two kids, there is no time to write as it is also very time-consuming. This slows things down and it takes forever to get things done. Either I write and chaos reigns (washing piling up, the house is a mess etc.) or I keep up with my daily chores and don't get anything written. A vicious circle (also to be seen in the Wheel). 

This definitely needs to change as it's driving me mad. But so far I don't have any clever ideas how to break the circle. Maybe I'll ask the cards in another reading. I'll keep you posted.