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Montag, 5. August 2013

On the page of pentacles: Get your game on, go play...

Someone in my tarot-related facebook group sent me instructions for an easy meditation on tarot today and as I had a quiet moment to myself (which is rare these days) I thought I'd try. I pulled the Knave of Pentacles from the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight and received some very powerful messages. 

Admittedly I'm not a huge fan of court cards in readings, least of all the pages and knights. I'm not always sure what to make of them. The meditation made me aware of a number of things about the Knave (Page) of Pentacles though. 

I instantly had the idea that this card was an invitation to play or to enjoy a performance and the words "inner child" sprang to mind. In the Voyager Tarot the card (Child of Worlds) is also called "Player". 

One of the messages I received was to enjoy the little things I'm doing, getting lost in them for a while without being concerned about the "higher planes" I'm trying to reach. Like children can get lost in the moment of their play without thinking about what needs be done, what will happen next or who's there. I can see that so often when my son is playing. Ask him what he would like for dinner and you won't get an answer. He can't be bothered with thinking about profane things like dinner when he's so wrapped up in his game. 

Another message I received touched on the question, "whose child are you?". In my case it invited me to explore this literally but it does not necessarily mean you need to think about your biological parents it's more like thinking about the "stuff you're made of". Who or what made you what you are now? Who or what influenced and shaped you? Try to remember where you are coming from. It was a bit of a "back to the roots" thing. 

So the Page of Pentacles invites you to play with the possibilities, to enjoy life without thinking too much about the consequences or the future, to stay in the moment and enjoy it before you move on and to turn your attention to where you are coming from. All the while he told me to take small steps and be concerned with what's manageable and hands-on rather than what's "up there". I'm in my head a lot and find it hard to turn off the carousel that's going on up there, so it's good advice to focus on the tangible, manageable even though it may appear small at first. 

Thank you, Page of Pentacles and thank you Delphine for the meditation. 

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