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Samstag, 24. August 2013

Let's talk about Death, baby...

In one of my tarot-related facebook groups there has been a heated debate going on whether or not we as tarot readers are allowed to talk about death, which prompted me to think about this question again. 

Basically I think you need to make a difference between touching upon the subject of death in general and actually making any predictions for the future concerning death. 
While the latter is a definite no-go for me, I could imagine circumstances in which I would talk about the subject with my querent. I have once had a reading for a widow who was coming to terms with her new life. I suppose that's a situation where you have to talk about death. 

Of course these things depend on the situation and the circumstances. If you ask me would I ever wish death upon anyone, I would clearly say "no!" but then I found myself in a situation with a family member in a terminal condition and me wishing for an end to their suffering. What I mean to say is, that there are circumstances and situations that merit a deviation from our convictions and rules but they are rare. 

Still, I would never ever ever make any predictions about how, when, where and why a person is going to die. Especially not out of pure curiosity. The same goes for divorce, disease and disaster, the other three Ds that Mary Greer says you should never predict. 

I believe predictive statements in this area to be unethical. First of all I personally believe that we are not supposed to know. Secondly my belief is that nobody can accurately predict the future because the future is constantly in motion and future events depend on our actions in the present - and not only on our own actions. If that were not the case we'd have the perfect excuse not to take responsibility for our actions. Besides, if tarot readers could make precise predictions they wouldn't be reading tarot cards but sitting at a sunny beach somewhere enjoying the millions they made in betting and gambling. 

I am a member of the German Tarot Association (Tarot e.V.) and a certified reader according to their standards. This means I adhere to the Tarot Association's Code of Honour, which also stresses that there is never one valid interpretation of a card's meaning or a reading. In consequence that means there are no accurate predictions - least of all of the movie fortune teller kind "On 5th October you will meet a tall, handsome stranger you should be wary of - he will bring death!".

Having said that, you will hardly ever find me actually making predictions at all. I believe that we need to stress that a person's fate to a large portion rests in their own hands (given that there may be circumstances that you cannot influence). With my readings I would like to enable people to take charge, become the pilots of their own lives and fates rather than passively waiting for fate to strike. 
So I like to point out what is the most likely result of their current course of action and what they can do to change a negative result or speed up i.e. support a positive outcome. 
The aim of my readings is to help the querent and to enable them to take action to achieve the best possible outcome to a situation, not to scare the living hell out of them. 

Not making any predictions about the 4 Ds (death, disease, divorce, disaster) does not mean I'm sugarcoating things and only saying positive lovey-dovey things. Still I think a responsible reader should steer clear of such predictions - perhaps even predictions in general. 

Again, this is my opinion and I do believe there may be circumstances that prompt you to digress one way or another, at the core, however, you will never hear me making any predictive statements about the 4 Ds. 

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