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Freitag, 26. Juli 2013

Where is my mind...? - Trying out the Deck of 1000 Spreads

Today I tried out the Deck of 1000 Spreads by Tierny Sadler. It has colour coded cards that mark positions in a spread.

There's various uses. You can recreate existing spreads and put the cards on top so you won't have to look the positions up in a book anymore. But you can also create variations on existing spreads or make spreads entirely of your own. The most interesting option for me was that you can actually divine spreads by pulling random cards from the Deck of 1000 Spreads. 

Today I did just that and created an interesting spread. I pulled the cards "Mind" (green topic card), "What is Hidden" (blue influence card), "Blocking or Covering" (blue influence card) and "Advice" (red outcome card). I pulled completely random cards but it was nice to have a topic card and an outcome card in there, so structuring the reading was easy. 

So I called the new spread "Where is my mind?" and structured it as follows:

1: Mind - The current mental/emotional state, what's on your mind right now?
2: What is hidden - What is also on your mind but perhaps not in your conscious thought, something that might need to be seen.
3: Blocking or covering - What distracts you, keeps you from setting your mind on what's important now
4: Advice - What can you do to focus?

My cards were: 
1: The Hierophant
2: The Empress
3: Death
4: 10 of Wands

I read it as follows:

Right now I believe there's a higher calling or a higher force and that it's important I trust and believe on being guided. There's enormous creative potential that I can't always get at because of the Hierophant being too dogmatic and critical sometimes. What's blocking me is that I have the feeling there's only limited time and I find it difficult to deal with changes that are happening in my life (one of them being an actual death in my family). Ten of Wands tells me that there is too much I am dealing with at the moment but there's light at the end of the tunnel and if I get through this difficult phase, results will be positive. 

Quintessence card would be IV the Emperor, funnily enough the card between what's on my conscious mind and what is "hidden" in my subconscious, so perhaps it could help me connect the two. The Emperor for me is about rules, structure and order, so probably I need to plan things better and get some structure into my responsibilities. With two kids (2 years/ 4 months) it's not always easy because you make plans and then they overturn them. ;-) However, I should probably be more disciplined about a number of things, like setting special times for certain activities. I guess better structure and time management would help me a great deal. (Which is something I also see reflected in the 10 of Wands).