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Montag, 3. Juni 2013

About boundaries...

In one of the tarot-related Facebook groups I'm in the topic of boundaries was discussed and it was suggested that we all make a list of our own boundaries and share. First from our own perspective, then using the tarot. So here's mine...

From my perspective

Boundaries for myself

I will not do readings when I have a headache or feel unwell. 

I believe that the future is constantly in motion depending on the decisions we - and other people - take, so I don't think I can foresee future events in that sense and I will always make that clear to my querents. I tell them what is likely to happen if they continue on their current path.

I always end my readings on a positive note. If the cards are scary or show that there's a lot of problems to be expected, I end with some kind of advice for the querent to take home as to what they can do to cope with the difficult situation.

Boundaries for others

I won't read on the same question over and over again.

I don't do readings on health, legal or financial issues. 

Don't expect me to take decisions for you. I can offer you perspectives, you have to take the decisions yourself. 

Using the tarot

Boundaries for myself

Ace of Pentacles: I will stay pragmatic, realistic and give the querent something "tangible" to take home. 

Five of Swords: I will avoid being judgmental or cynical and won't hurt anyone, not the querent and not anybody they may be asking about. 

Six of Cups: I will try to shut out my own past experiences and explain everything plain and simple so that the "uninitiated" can easily follow.

Boundaries for others

Death reversed: Don't expect me to tell you anything concerning the time, manner or circumstances of anybody's death.

Nine of Wands: You need to be open to take new perspectives even though past experiences might tell you otherwise.

The Sun reversed: There needs to be mutual trust for a reading to be successful. Be honest with me and expect me to be honest with you.

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