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Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2013

Our baby spread: Our daughter

I was curious about what the cards would say about my daughter who was born in April. So I used the "Our Baby" spread I introduced in an earlier post in which I did a reading about Elizabeth I. 

The positions are as follows: 

1 The greatest gift L got from me
2 The greatest weakness L received from me
3 The greatest gift L got from my husband
4 The greatest weakness L received from him
5 What does L currently most need from us?

I used the Tarot Illuminati and pulled the following cards:

1 Ten of Wands rx
2 Seven of Wands rx
3 Queen of Cups
4 The Chariot
5 Eight of Cups

First of all I think she will probably take more after her father as there are pips only for the traits she inherited from me and a court and a Major on my husband's side. 

The greatest gift L received from me: Ten of Wands reversed

I think it's a certain ability to handle chaos and multitask and a wide range of interests. 

The greatest gift L received from my husband: Queen of Cups

Sensitivity, empathy and the ability to reflect her own situation and emotions, interest in other people and their motivation and caring for others. 

The greatest weakness she received from me: Seven of Wands

A tendency to feel threatened or under attack even when not appropriate and feeling the necessity to justify what she does. Being very dependent on what others say or think. 

The greatest weakness she received from her father: The Chariot

A certain need for action and adventure, new projects and a strong need for independence that may sometimes clash with other motives and a sense of commitment and responsibility. Also it may point to impatience.

What L needs most from us at the moment: Eight of Cups

Eight of Cups for me shows departures, moving from a safe place you have been comfortable at into a new situation, encountering new situations/people etc. It's a necessary departure or an inevitable one. I suppose in this case that pretty much describes being born. Leaving the womb, entering the world. I think it means she needs a sense of security on that course and emotional support while at the same time she needs freedom to discover the world on her own.

Montag, 3. Juni 2013

About boundaries...

In one of the tarot-related Facebook groups I'm in the topic of boundaries was discussed and it was suggested that we all make a list of our own boundaries and share. First from our own perspective, then using the tarot. So here's mine...

From my perspective

Boundaries for myself

I will not do readings when I have a headache or feel unwell. 

I believe that the future is constantly in motion depending on the decisions we - and other people - take, so I don't think I can foresee future events in that sense and I will always make that clear to my querents. I tell them what is likely to happen if they continue on their current path.

I always end my readings on a positive note. If the cards are scary or show that there's a lot of problems to be expected, I end with some kind of advice for the querent to take home as to what they can do to cope with the difficult situation.

Boundaries for others

I won't read on the same question over and over again.

I don't do readings on health, legal or financial issues. 

Don't expect me to take decisions for you. I can offer you perspectives, you have to take the decisions yourself. 

Using the tarot

Boundaries for myself

Ace of Pentacles: I will stay pragmatic, realistic and give the querent something "tangible" to take home. 

Five of Swords: I will avoid being judgmental or cynical and won't hurt anyone, not the querent and not anybody they may be asking about. 

Six of Cups: I will try to shut out my own past experiences and explain everything plain and simple so that the "uninitiated" can easily follow.

Boundaries for others

Death reversed: Don't expect me to tell you anything concerning the time, manner or circumstances of anybody's death.

Nine of Wands: You need to be open to take new perspectives even though past experiences might tell you otherwise.

The Sun reversed: There needs to be mutual trust for a reading to be successful. Be honest with me and expect me to be honest with you.