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Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013

Reality bites - 5 of Swords in a relationship reading

A while ago I did a couple of readings for feedback with permission to post them or parts of them on my blog for study purposes. As I had my Advent Calendar going at the time I decided to wait a bit and post them afterwards. Here is one of them now. I will comment on my methods and interpretation in italics. 

Linda* asked: "I would like to know if Brian* and I will have an enduring love relationship in the future. If so, if there is a time reference."
(names changed)

Note: I'm only posting parts of the actual reading (as much as the querent was okay with).

The cards and positions were the following:

1: The basis of the relationship - Two of Coins rx
2: Your past, your "baggage" - Eight of Cups
3: Brian's past, his "baggage" - Strength rx
4: You in the relationship right now - Seven of Wands rx
5: Brian in the relationship right now - Five of Swords rx
6: Your possible future - Ten of Coins
7: Brian's possible future - The Hierophant
8: What connects you in the future - Nine of Coins

The first thing that drew my attention was how many reversals there are in this one reading, which for me is a pointer that a lot is happening underneath the surface, not so much on an event level. Two Coins as the basis suggests there is no stable basis so far. Linda's baggage points to the past, while Brian's baggage points to an inner conflict and the need to balance opposing forces. Linda's Seven of Wands points to the fact that she is not in a happy place right now and feeling under pressure or threatened:

Your current position in this is that somehow you feel threatened or challenged by Brian. Not that there's actually bickering and quarreling but perhaps an uneasy feeling that he has expectations in you that you cannot or will not live up to. It may also be that you fear opposition from a third party in this matter. As restraint seems to be a thread running through this reading with a lot of reversals it may very well be that there are still external obstacles to form a relationship.

Five of Swords for me is a difficult card in a relationship spread as I don't like it, it has a cruel feel and speaks of hurt and meanness. In Brian's case it marked the position of how he was feeling in this relationship right now. As Linda is clearly interested in a relationship with him, I thought it unlikely that she was hurting him or being cruel, so I had to assume a different source of the hurt. Maybe some form of self-punishment or the hurt he feels because he does not allow himself to give in to his feelings:

Brian's Five of Swords shows that Brian is feeling hurt or is perhaps being very strict with himself as if he is trying to punish himself. It's a weird card in this position. As it's a reversal it shows that this is happening below the surface. Brian might not be showing his hurt and it's not about actions or events, more about something that's simmering below the surface. Does that ring a bell with you?

It turned out he was indeed not ready for a relationship one of the reasons being that Brian and Linda work together, so it is quite possible that Brian feels that he has to keep a stopper on things and thus hurts himself. The Hierophant seems to say the same thing:

From Brian's point of view it is a matter of principle and moral beliefs. I almost get the impression Brian feels that the relationship is "wrong" or might be looked upon as immoral by others. Brian will have to come to terms with that, else it will not work. It's very important to Brian that things are "sound" and that he stays true to himself and his own beliefs. 

The outlook is actually not that bad but it would depend largely on Linda's and especially Brian's decisions. Linda thought the relationship might have a chance if she left her position but thought it wiser at the time to walk away from both him and their working relationship because she found it very hard to let go unless she cut herself completely off:

The possible outcome and what connects you in the future is Nine of Coins, which is a rather positive card because it shows a realistic chance of building something valuable, of enjoying life together. It promises (material) prosperity and success. But it seems you need to deal with the obstacles first. They seem to be more on Brian's side than on yours. 
I'm always careful with times as the future is dynamic and not fixed but as a time reference in the 9 of Coins I would say late summer (harvest time). So probably it will take a while to work things out and before there's a chance of it becoming something really stable. 

Quintessence is 14/5 so Temperance and The Hierophant. The right path to make this work is to balance the forces and take measured steps. There's no forcing or rushing it as this relationship may touch on very strong inner convictions and beliefs and challenge them. You need to stay true to yourselves and your beliefs in this, which does not mean you may not question some of your attitudes and convictions. What's is important is the question whether or not it feels "right" to you both. 

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