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Montag, 14. Januar 2013

Reading for a Cat - Cat's Eye Tarot

I know there are tarot readers who specialise in reading for pets. I've never really done readings for mine even though I have always looked on my cats as real family members. We used to have three cats. One died in November 2010 at the age of 13, the older one died last May aged 18. Now we only have the "little" one who will turn 9 this year. I didn't want new cats as long as the children are still so small. I think Raven is coping quite well with our son who is now 21 months old but I'm not sure how she will like the new baby that's coming in spring. Yet another strange, noisy, hairless "cat" to deal with...

As I'm testing the Cat's Eye Tarot at the moment, I thought I'd do a reading for Raven to see how she's doing. I used a simple three-card-spread, the positions and cards were:

1: The cat's current state of mind - Ten of Wands
2: What the cat most needs right now - Judgement (reversed)
3: What I can do to make her feel comfortable - Page of Pentacles (reversed)

1: The cat's current state of mind - Ten of Wands

The card shows a ginger cat walking up the stairs to its home carrying a snake. It glances back watchfully, maybe for more snakes.

The cat appears to be protecting its territory. It appears self-confident and courageous and takes on this difficult task all on its own. Perhaps Raven feels that now she is alone, she needs to protect her home more than ever, she is a little adventurer and loves being outside. There are no snakes here of course but there's mice and birds and she loves hunting. The card shows that she feels she's the real home owner and head of the family and as the only hunter she's responsible for protecting us and maybe even feed us. ;-) 
(Sometimes she leaves gifts on the doormat). It's a rather positive card in this context but maybe it also means there's a lot of "weight on her shoulders" so to speak. 

 2: What the cat most needs right now - Judgement reversed

The card shows a ledge on a building, probably a church and a stone statue of a winged cat. Two young cats are sitting at its feet. The sky in the background looks as if it is dawning. The reversal tells me it's about her inner balance and state of mind. What she needs most is a retreat high up where she feels guarded and protected. A place removed from the world below. 
She has that upstairs in the office. There's a sofa bed up there and the amount of cat hair on it tells me, Raven has been sleeping there a lot recently. There are baby gates on the stairs and we removed the lower part of one of the bars so Raven can slip through. So up there she knows she is safe from curious "men cubs". 
I'll just have to live with cat hair on the sofa bed as I think she definitely needs that retreat.

3: What I can do to make her feel comfortable - Page of Pentacles reversed

I described the card in one of the earlier readings. There's a small cat sitting on a hay bale and three mice playing at the bottom of it. The cat has one paw lifted and is watching the mice but there's a playful quality to this and the mice don't appear to be scared. 
I have read once that domesticated cats stay in a kitten state of mind acting as if their human was a parent. That's what keeps an otherwise solitary animal close to us, it's what binds the cat to its human. They like being stroked and they "knead" when they sit on your lap. So apart from being the proud hunter Raven is my "kitty" who needs to feel safe and warm and needs a lot of TLC. Pentacles show stability, reliability and comfort. 
I need to see to it that I can still provide that even when the new baby is around. That will be difficult as "lap time" in the evening might be cut short by a crying baby. I'll still try and take good care of my "kitten". 

Quintessence card in this reading: 3 The Empress
How fitting. :-) I'll just have to be a good mother to all three of them. Human and feline babies. 

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