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Montag, 7. Januar 2013

New Deck Interview - Cat's Eye Tarot by Debra M. Givin

Yesterday I did a bit of tidying and - among other things - reorganized my tarot collection putting all the decks into two large see-through plastic boxes (they were in cardboard boxes before). Now I can see at least a part of the decks from outside and know in which box to look. ;-)

So I stumbled across a number of decks I have hardly used so far but am very curious to try out. One of them was the Cat's Eye Tarot by Debra M. Givin (US Games). The artist is a feline veterinarian, the drawings very realistic, so a deck with "real cats". 

I would like to work with this deck for a while and sum up my experience as a deck review later. So to start out, I interviewed the deck to see what I can expect. 

1: What is your main characteristic as a deck?
2: What is your greatest strength?
3: What are your limitations?
4: What can you teach me? What can you contribute to my tarot experience?
5: How will we work together?
6: Shadow Card: What else do I need to know if I would like to work with you?

Image: Cat's Eye Tarot by Debra M. Givin (US Games)

1: Knight of Pentacles

The card shows a tabby cat stalking its prey in the hay. The cat seems calm and focused on his task. He's determined and knows what he's doing. As a deck characteristic I think it means that the cards focus on the main idea, the deck is very down-to-earth, realistic and there are no surprises as it is based mostly on the RWCS. It may need some work and training to get used to the imagery as there is very little detail apart from the cat as such. So it may cost some effort but get you solid results. 

2: Page of Swords

The card shows a young siamese cat balancing on what looks like a wooden fence (the LWB says it's the back rest of a porch chair). From its elevated position it can scrutinize things. The cat looks apprehensive and careful.
As a deck quality I think this means the deck is good for getting an overview of a situation from a different perspective, with a little distance. It will probably be good for learning new skills, questions about learning and education, questions which require a little emotional detachment and analysis, perhaps it's good for decisions as it gives a rather rational and clear-cut insight.

3: Judgement

The card shows two young Siamese cats sitting on a stone ledge, perhaps of a church or similar building. There's a stone statue of a winged cat, much like an angel that seems to be sheltering them with its wings. 
I think this could mean the deck is not so great at the "big" life issues, life-changing decisions, at times of profound change and/or for questions concerning spirituality as it is so straightforward and down-to-earth.

4: Queen of Swords

A Siamese cat is sitting very erect, gazing ahead from its clear blue eyes. The black and white areas in its fur are very clearly defined and there's not a lot of detail in the background, no "props" or embellishments, just the cat, the blue background and the white wood that she is sitting on. 
I think it means you can focus on the important things, you have to work with very scarce imagery and read a lot into the expression and body language of the cat depicted. This is different from other decks and may teach you to look closely. The queen appears to be cool and clear-cut, so maybe it can teach me to give short and precise answers. 

5: Knight of Wands

A ginger tabby is perched on a tree, the tail looks as if it's moving, it's a slightly belligerent stance, as if the cat is about to pounce. In any event, he's watching and prepared to jump. The sky looks dusky, so maybe he is getting ready to hunt. 
This could mean that perhaps sometimes I will get angry or impatient with the deck as I'm used to having a lot of detail and imagery to work with. It could also mean that I will develop a passion for it. I also associate a bit of superficiality with this as the cat looks impatient and restless. It's probably not a deck I could use for in-depths analyses, more for quick, clear and pragmatic answers. 

6: Shadow Card: Five of Cups

I'm not too sure what to make of this. The card shows a black and white cat looking in the direction of a woman who is walking away with a cage that probably contains her kitten/s. 
This indicates loss, grief or sadness. Perhaps because some of the images will remind me of my cats that died? We used to have three, now we only have one (8 years old) and we decided not to take another (at least for the time being). Perhaps seeing so many cats will make me melancholy. At least that was my first idea when I saw the card. 

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