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Samstag, 19. Januar 2013

New Deck: The Golden Rider: testing phase starts now

Image: The Golden Rider, Francois Tapernoux, AGM

I'm a collector and over the years I have accumulated 80 tarot decks (which is probably not much compared to other tarot enthusiasts' collections). However, I mostly work with three or four decks that I like. 

At the moment my "standard decks" include the RWCS, the Thoth, the World Spirit Tarot, the Golden Tarot and the Victorian Romantic Tarot, which are the decks I usually do readings with. 

So I have loads of interesting decks in two plastic boxes under my desk and I think I should start exploring them. I like the idea Cat uses in her journal. She draws three random numbers, picks the decks from her list accordingly and chooses one of the three as her "Deck of the Week". Knowing my discipline and my work schedule I will never manage to do that on a weekly basis, so I'll just do it whenever I have the time. 

The random generator suggested The Housewives Tarot, The Tarot of the Cat People and the Golden Rider. As I have so far never worked with the Golden Rider, I'll pick that. I'll do a number of readings and a deck interview and afterwards give my opinion on the deck as a deck review. 

Here's to working with the Golden Rider. 

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