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Montag, 21. Januar 2013

Don't be afraid of the dark: What are you afraid of?

Now that my Haindl Tarot told me it was not the right deck for lovey-dovey girlie questions and trifling matters because of its depth and sophistication, I think I could use it for a spread I found over on Aeclectic Tarot Forum. It was created by Sammie.

Here’s how it works:

The title of this spread reminds me of one of my favourite films ever, a German tv production („Schwer verknallt“) about a young woman called Alma who has a wonderful voice and is very pretty but overweight. In an online forum for Japanese films she gets to know a man who shares her passion for these films and they talk for hours on the phone. It turns out, he is the man she had been swooning over from afar and she is the voice he thinks is so sexy that announces the trains at the central station.
Eventually they meet and get along very well but of course he only likes thin women. He has a band though that is looking for a singer and his best friend thinks Alma would be perfect. But the band thinks they need a thin lead singer, so the guy she has a crush on doesn’t invite her to the casting at first...anyway, I’m giving away too much. It’s a film about hiding in the dark because you feel insecure or inferior and finding your way into the light, which of course Alma does. So I think it fits this spread perfectly.

Here’s the theme song on YouTube

And here goes my reading with the Haindl Tarot:

11)   What are you afraid of?
22)   What will turn on the light?

11)   Ace of Swords
22)   Two of Swords

1) My first thought was: harsh or hurtful criticism. While I thought about this  today I suppose it works both ways. I am afraid of criticism that hurts me. I’m okay with being criticized usually as long as it’s constructive but criticism about my personality or other touchier subjects scares me.
The other thing ist hat I don’t like criticizing people either though as a teacher it is often part of my job. I don’t like hurting people and I shy away from confrontation sometimes. It has become a bit better recently but still, it’s one of my major problems.

2) The two of Swords in this deck shows two swords parallel to each other suspended between two rock formations. There’s a red moon and one of the rocks has a red glow to it while the other is icy blue like the background. Probably I have to bear in mind that criticism is only ever one opinion, one way of seeing things, never totally objective, especially if it is not constructive but bent on hurting somebody. So if one person criticizes this or that about me, another person might view it differently. It would probably help me not to take matters to heart too much and see them as ”possibilities” that I can either accept (and change) or ignore. 

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