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Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

Deck Review: My verdict on the Cat's Eye Tarot

So after trying and testing for a while, here's my verdict on the Cat's Eye Tarot by Debra M. Givin (US Games)

The cards are glossy with a white border and show realistic water colour images of cats. The title is shown at the bottom of the card in a pastel yellow box. The size is ideal as they are not too small but not too big to shuffle. The pack came in a cardboard box with the LWB (little white book) and two title cards, one with a spread suggestion (9 lives spread). 

What I like about this deck is the realism of the cat images. The cats are just plain cats and are shown doing cat things. They are in natural cat poses, have cat body language and cat facial expressions. This is probably owed to the fact that the artist is a vet. So in contrast to other cat decks that put cats in human clothes and human poses, this one is actually all about cats. Still, the deck is recognizable as inspired by the RWCS. If you know your way around cats, their body language and behaviour, it is relatively easy to make the transition if you are familiar with the Waite deck.

The scenes on the cards are relatively plain, the cats and what they are doing is definitely the central focus. There's little else to go on which is both a weakness and a strength of this deck in my view. It takes some practice and you need to look closely in order to get the idea of a card image, on the other hand, there is not much to distract you and nothing too obvious that would push you into a certain direction.

The suits are marked by a particular breed of cat, for example you have ginger tabbies as wands and siamese cats for swords. I think that is very fitting as siamese are said to be very "verbal" and "talking" more than other breeds and they have this air of sophistication and aloofness I would associate with swords. 

My favourite card in the deck is either the Three of Cups or Temperance (a card I usually am not on such good terms with, see here). The Three of Cups shows an old lady in her garden. There's a rose trellis in the background and the lady is crouching down stroking three purring cats that are twining around her legs and rubbing up against her. Temperance shows a black and a white cat curled up to form the yin and yang sign. They are lying on the stone rail of a balcony or gallery overlooking a calm bay. A very peaceful  and harmonious scene. 
My least favourite card is the Ten of Swords, which shows a bunch of abandoned cats in a totally messed up kitchen. There's dirty dishes and trash everywhere, the window is broken and there's cat poo on the floor. Yuk! Makes me feel for the poor cats. 

As I'm very familiar with the Waite deck and an experienced reader I didn't have to refer to the LWB much. On those occasions I did I found the explanations there plausible and helpful. 

To sum up: This is a lovely deck for cat lovers, it's great to work with, relatively self-explaining and easy to read because of the realistic imagery and the close link to Waite. You can see that a lot of thought, knowledge and love went into this deck. The results I got were quite clear-cut and straightforward, so it was good for less complex questions. I'm not sure about in-depth readings. It's a nice deck for a change, fun to work with and it's certainly good if you would like to actually do readings for cats or other pets. It would, however, never become my standard deck as it's too particular and would probably not be easy to understand for a querent who's not a cat enthusiast. 
Definitely a keeper for a collector and cat lover like me.

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