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Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

Deck Review: The Golden Rider Tarot

I think I can keep this short and sweet. This deck is just not my cup of tea. It's a Rider Waite clone and uses slightly the slightly altered images of the Waite deck. To me it looks as if someone took a RWCS deck and some oil paint or acrylic paint and painted over the original images. 

The images are cruder and the colours darker and in some cases brighter. Backgrounds were added (for example a pink/purplish background that looks like sunrise/sunset on the Five of Cups). I'm not sure these alterations make sense. At least I don't see the sense. The original deck works better for me even though it has its limitations, too.

I quite like the artwork of Pamela Colman Smith even though it is rather simple but there's a rather simple colour code to the cards, they work a lot with blue sky/grey sky, red garments, yellow, white, for me it's very easy to read the colour symbolism (which is a strength and a weakness of the deck at the same time). This I find distracting. 

The coppery-brown-gold colour that gave the deck its name is too dominant in my view, it's used as a border and has been used extensively on most of the cards. 

This deck just didn't really speak to me as I didn't see a reason for the alterations to the original deck. There's for example the Vice Versa Tarot which uses the RWCS images but shows them from a point of view in the background of the card, so you get to see what the figure on the card sees - you get to see something that is not on the original card, something that adds to the original card meaning or twists it. THAT to me is interesting and plausible. This is just...I don't know...confusing and seems superfluous to me. 

No, definitely not a keeper for me. Me and the deck, we didn't do well during our interview and I didn't like it any better when I browsed through the cards again. This one is not for me. 

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