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Dienstag, 8. Januar 2013

Dear Satu, Yours "confused cat owner" - Putting the Cat's Eye Tarot to the test

Dear Satu

I am the youngest of three brothers. When our father died recently, my oldest brother inherited my father's mill, my second brother inherited the mules and I was left with the cat. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed. How am I to make a living with such an inheritance? I wonder what got into my father. Did he prefer my brothers? I never had that impression. 
But that is only half the actual problem. You will think me crazy but this cat I inherited started to talk to me the other day. It can actually talk, like you and me. And it asked for a pair of boots. It promised it could make me a very rich man in return.
I know this is probably a very unusual question. But somehow I feel almost tempted to fulfill the cat's odd request and spend my last money on that pair of boots. 
So my question: do you think I should give it a shot? Will the cat actually be able to make me rich?

"confused cat owner"

Dear confused cat owner

This is really an unusual request. Being a cat-related question I thought I'd give my Cat's Eye Tarot a go and used Ginny Hunt's Decision Analyzer

The cards and positions were as follows:

1: Page of Pentacles (reversed)
2: Six of Wands 
3: Six of Swords
4: Nine of Cups

1: What your mind says: Page of Pentacles (reversed)

The card shows a young cat sitting on a hay bale, three mice are sitting on the floor and don't seem to see the cat as a threat, one of the mice even starts scaling it. The cat's paw is lifted, he knows he is a hunter and knows what he should do but there's still something playful about this gesture. 
The reversal to me points to an inner attitude of yours. The Page of Pentacles is realist enough to know he will have to make a solid living sooner or later. You know what would be sensible to do - deny the cat its wish and save the money, maybe invest it into something that seems a little more reliable than the cat's offer. On the other hand you are still curious about life, willing to play with your options. You have a good instinct and it will probably kick in and guide you in this. The question whether the feline Page of Pentacles will pounce and hunt the mice is probably a question of how hungry he is. So from a rational point of view you are thinking about how precarious your situation is right now and whether you can still afford an experiment like that. 

2: What your heart says: Six of Wands

The card shows a ginger cat (looks more like a tom to me) walking very erect with a number of other cats in the background looking after him. He seems proud, territorial and seems to be saying: "Hey, look at me!". 
In your heart you really want to be somebody, respected, maybe even feared, you want to achieve something in life, something to make you proud and you have the courage to take risks and ignore gossip or other people's advice. You feel you deserve some respect and attention and feel your father should have left you a little more than just a cat. Probably this is why you have the feeling there is more to this cat than meets the eye. And given the fact that the animal actually talks to you, I would agree it is not merely an average cat. Your heart tells you, you are somebody very special and you deserve better.

3: What you want: Six of Swords

The card shows a cat in a pet carrier looking sceptic. The door is still open, so the cat could still run. It seems to be in there voluntarily. Where will the trip go? Someplace nice? Or horror of horrors - to the vet's?
You are curious and would like to leave the trodden path. Even though it scares you and you have mixed emotions about this, your mind is already half made up to give this cat thing a try. After all, you don't have that much to lose anyway. The six of swords shows departures. Often departures out of necessity and with apprehension and mixed emotions but with hope - hope of finding something new and better. Crowley called this card "Science" in his Thoth deck. In science people also try new paths without any certainty as to where they will lead them. Scientists ideas have often seemed crazy at the time, so there's the risk of becoming people's laughing stock but there's also the hope and promise of detecting something important and worth knowing. So I would say, your curiosity will probably get the better of you anyway. 

4: What you should do: Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups is the card of "wish fulfillment". In this deck it shows a cat in front of its food bowl and a human hand holding a tin of kip straining the liquid into the bowl. The cat is licking its lips in anticipation. 
On the one hand this could mean you should give in to your heart's desire, do what you would enjoy most, on the other hand in your case it could literally mean "give the cat the desired treat". Both would - in your case - probably have the same result. 

I'm not sure about the outcome here but perhaps that is not important. You are curious and you are ready to take risks to receive what you think you deserve - namely something a lot better than inheriting a cat. It would probably kill you not to know what would happen if you actually had the boots fitted for the cat even though it appears a crazy idea. Your gut feeling tells you there's something to be won in it and you have more or less taken the decision anyway. My guess is you're too curious to pass up the offer. And frankly, you don't have that much to lose. How long will the boot money feed you? You will have to come up with a plan B for when that money is used up anyway. And the page of pentacles, six of wands and nine of cups constellation tells me you have the realism, determination, business sense and courage to be successful either way. 

I hope I could help you with your decision. 

Yours Satu


  1. I happen to adore the Cat's Eye Tarot and that particular fairy tale. What a charming blog you have!

    1. Thank you. :-) The Cat's Eye Tarot is a really nice deck. I'm a cat lover myself so I find it very intriguing so far.