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Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2012

Tarot Advent Calendar: 2nd December 2012

Today's calendar door opens to....

Tarot Exercise: THE SIXTH SENSE - Use your intuition

1. Draw a card from your deck. 
2. Place it face down on the palm of your hand.
3. Close your eyes and concentrate.
4. What ideas/images/feelings come into your mind when you think about the card?
5. Take notes on what came into your mind.
6. Turn over the card. 
7. How does what you felt about the card match the actual card meaning?

Notes: nature, natural forces, spring, a tree, a hare, apprehension, warmth, a path - the card felt warm and positive, not threatening

I turn the card over and it is....THE MAGICIAN (Golden Tarot)

The first thing I noticed is that there actually is a hare on this rendition of the card. The Magician is surrounded by all kinds of animals (looks a bit like St. Francis) and on the left hand side, the side he is facing, there is a hare and two rabbits (about eye-level with the magician), which amazes me as I'm usually not very good at these things. I'm too much of a scientific, rational, "brain" person and have a strong inner censor. You can see grass and flowers covering the ground the magician stands on. 
The Magician is dressed in red (warm colour) and the background is gold. My associations with the Magician card are mostly positive, too. So the feeling of warm and non-threatening was accurate, too. 

At first sight the Magician does not, however, strike me as being a "natural force" as he shows the influence of will and vision on energy. I'd probably have expected The Empress  with that kind of nature imagery. On the other hand, The Magician and The High Priestess symbolize the two divine forces active in creation. The Magician being the "male", active agent of creation, the High Priestess the "female", receiving, flowing and joining aspects. 
I also like the image of the tree as it is something big coming out of a small seed, it breaks through the surface of the earth and its branches reach up to heaven. The idea/concept of the tree, the intent and vision and the will to grow are all contained in the seed which is the Magician's creative energy. It needs to fall on fertile ground and be watered (High Priestess) and nurtured in order to grow tall. 
The path also was a good image as you need a clear idea of where your path should lead in order to make proper use of your skills. The Magician stands for vision, skill, determination and influence, so I think I wasn't too far off with my feel for the card. 

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