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Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2012

Tarot Advent Calendar: 6th December 2012 - Good Deed of the Day

Today a lot of people are celebrating St. Nicholas' Day. St. Nicholas, bishop of Myra is famed for having been a benefactor especially of children and here in the area where I live it is custom to put your boots out on the evening of 5th December for St. Nicholas to come and fill them over night. 

So today's tarot exercise is all about doing good and surprising somebody with it.

Here's how it works:

1. Draw a card from your deck.
2. Look at the card.
3. What "good deed" could it stand for?
4. Who could you surprise with this good deed?
5. Go out and do it!

I drew the Seeker (Knight) of Cups from my World Spirit Tarot. The Knight of Cups stands for a loving, caring atmosphere, for somebody who is on a quest for their true heart's desire, love, flirting, romance, looking for emotional fulfillment.

Here's the list of "good deeds" I came up with:

- Help someone look for a lost/misplaced item.
- Organize a romantic evening out for you and your significant other and surprise them    
   with it.
- Spread some love and care and pay somebody a compliment or tell them how much you  
   appreciate them/their work.
- Buy somebody a drink.
- Babysit for a couple so they can go on a romantic evening. 

I'll keep you posted on which I chose and how it went.

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