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Montag, 3. Dezember 2012

Tarot Advent Calendar: 3rd December 2012 - We come bearing gifts

Traditionally the three wise men arrive on 6th January but as there is three of them and they bear three gifts, today I would like to show you a self-reflection spread I made up.


This is an introspective 3-card spread which shows you three important and valuable gifts you got at your birth. The three gifts the wise men bring are gold, myrrh and frankincense. All three are gifts usually presented to kings. As gold is a valuable, I took it to stand for what you can "spend", i.e. give to others, myrrh is an anointing oil, so I took it to stand for what makes you unique and special or what is a characteristic that makes you stand out particularly, frankincense is a symbol of deity and is traditionally used in offerings, so I took that to show your spiritual gifts.

Here's the cards:

1: Gold - what I have to give: STRENGTH
2: Myrrh - what makes me special: 4 of Pentacles
3: Frankincense - my spiritual gifts: 10 of Cups

I used the Tarot of Metamorphosis (Massimiliano Filadoro/Luigi Di Giammarino, Lo Scarabeo), a deck I'm not overly familiar with yet, so I'll have to have a look at the LWB (little white book), too. 

GOLD: Strength - Strength is the ability to turn our lowest instincts and urges into a valuable and civilizing force, kind of what psychology calls "sublimation". The Tarot of Metamorphosis version of the card shows a person sitting in a cave that is shaped like a dragon's head painting or writing something. The LWB says - The Metamorphosis of Energy. Even the most frightening and aggressive force can be sublimated through metamorphosis. Strength helps us correctly channel the lowest energies, transforming and purifying them. Be careful of excessive trust. 
Especially with the last sentence I can relate to it as I think I have the ability to see good in most people and am prone to be too trusting. Perhaps I should not perceive that as a weakness. 

MYRRH: This is difficult as I don't particularly like the 4 of Coins and as I associate it with stubbornness and stinginess. The LWB also gives a rather negative interpretation of the card. It says: the road of blind change. The power that corrupts and obscures awareness, isolating it from the external environment. Insensitivity. False objectives. The card shows a steel train with a grim-looking face pushing ahead at full speed and somebody shoveling coals into the furnace.
As I keep pointing out though all cards have positive and negative aspects and in this particular spread the card shows a "gift", not a curse. So I take it as the ability to "plough on" and even though I don't think myself a particularly reliable person as I tend to forget stuff and am sometimes rather chaotic, I think I'm reliable in the sense of steadiness or steadfastness in convictions and friendships. I am usually very loyal and have a strong need and strong sense of security. So perhaps that is my 4 Pentacles side. 4 of Pentacles is also a card that shows the ability to build durable structures and connections, make a home and secure it, so perhaps it refers to my careful, rational and homely side. What strikes me is the phrase "corrupts and obscures awareness" as I have always thought it one of my great weaknesses that I am too firmly rooted to the ground. My inner censor is very strong and I am too realistic and pragmatic sometimes to dream big, so...maybe a gift and a curse (as my favourite detective Mr Monk likes to put it)? And instead of lamenting the curse side of it I should learn to appreciate the gift side more. 

FRANKINCENSE: Ten of Cups is a nice card I think. It shows the ability to connect socially, to love and be loved, it speaks of sensitivity and empathy. As for spirituality and religion in my opinion they are systems that help us interact with other beings and kind of "set the rules". Also, spirituality for me is something that is shared and always involves interaction. I'd make a very bad hermit. The cups as representation of the water element show that definitions and borders are "swimming" for me. I don't really adhere to one religion or belief in particular but can see that most religions are pretty much the same at the core and are trying to give people a set of rules of conduct in order to avoid general mayhem. Sadly, often this intention is misinterpreted and religions and beliefs are taken as an excuse to cause general mayhem. I suppose I'm a bit of a New Age person when it comes to spirituality. All lovey-dovey, try to embrace it all, go with the flow, we are all God's children, live and let live... 
The LWB says: Complete metamorphosis. The acquired art of changing oneself and the things and satisfaction that follows. The value of profound feelings.
Sometimes I thought whether it's not just leaving a loophole that I don't really follow any of the organized religions. I have considered it and am often in awe at people who have such a strong belief but perhaps I should perceive it as a strength that I am trying to see what is behind a religion. At least I'm not prone to smash your head in because you believe something completely different. 

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