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Samstag, 1. Dezember 2012

Tarot Advent Calendar: 1st December 2012

In many Western Christian churches it is common to celebrate the season of advent during the 24 days before Christmas. The term comes from the Latin ”adventus” = arrival and refers to the period of expectant waiting and preparation. It’s both a time of preparation for the arrival of the Messiah in this world and on a deeper level a preparation for the second coming.

Here in Germany many people use advent calendars. Traditionally it is like a poster with a winter/Christmas theme that has 24 doors or windows you can open with pictures inside. More elaborate ”calendars” contain chocolate or candy or even consist of 24 little boxes or pouches with sweets and other small presents inside. This was meant mostly for children to make the long wait for Christmas a little more pleasant.

Advent is a time of celebration and anticipation of something you look forward to but also a time of preparation for what you need to expect in the future. So the first door on my tarot advent calendar opens to:

Reading Exercise: One-Card Draw - What ”arrival” should I prepare myself for?

Two of Coins: Golden Tarot

You can see a man in a red coat juggle two coins in a green rope at the and of a cane. His left foot is slightly raised. In the background there’s a wavy sea with two ships being tossed about on the waves.  The sky is a clear blue with a few white clouds.
Despite the wavy sea the scene does not appear threatening to me. It has an air of playfulness and the raised left foot of the juggler suggests flexibility and lightness.

This cards asks me to be prepared for a time of turmoil and/or change, to keep an open mind, to keep ”juggling” my options and be flexible in my reactions. It shows the ability to stay calm in uncertain and/or stressful times. It asks for a playful attitude and the ability to accept and welcome changes and react spontaneously.

With the new baby due in spring I think this is a very appropriate card. I quite literally will have to juggle two balls and try to keep them both up in the air. I think it will be quite a challenge to keep my attention for both children balanced. On top of that, a lot is happening at work at the moment where it’s difficult to anticipate what is going to happen. So on the whole this card provides excellent advice for my near future.

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