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Mittwoch, 21. November 2012

Aiding Decisions - Dear Satu, Yours Krystal Weedon

This has been an awfully long break again. I'm sorry about that. I guess my only excuse is "life is what happens when you're busy making other plans". I went back to work after maternity leave, my dad fell seriously ill (which is still a great worry) and baby no.2 is due end of March 2013, so a lot has been happening here and I just didn't find time to blog. 
However, I wanted to continue doing my "Dear Satu" readings as I always found them very enjoyable and rewarding in the sense that they help me see some cards in a different light. As with the fictional and historical characters I do the readings for I know what the outcome of the story is, I sometimes have to revise my first impression of a card. It helps me broaden my horizon. This time I did a reading for Krystal Weedon, one of the main characters in J.K. Rowling's (first adult) novel "The Casual Vacancy". If you haven't read it yet, you should perhaps skip this. I tried to avoid spoilers but of course I couldn't skirt them entirely. So here goes...

Hiya Satu

Krystal here. My life's been totally fucked up recently. First the only person I think was on my side kicks the bucket, now my mum is back on smack, the stupid bitch. I just don't know what to do. They'll take away my little brother if things don't change. I'm only 17 but I'm more of a mother for him than my mum. There's a bloke I'm seeing though and I kind of have an idea how to get out of this whole fucking mess with his help. I was wondering if my plan could actually work and what happens if I went through with it.


Dear Krystal,

I'm sorry to hear about your friend dying and about your mum and am happy to offer my advice on the matter. I did a "Decision Making Spread" that was developed by German tarot expert Hajo Banzhaf. The V-shape above shows what is likely to happen if you choose the path you are thinking about and what is likely to happen if you don't and keep looking for other options. The card in front is the significator and shows the current situation and the "crux" of the problem. 
The significator here is Seven of Pentacles. The card shows a person in a space suit standing in a desert landscape and the rusty debris of what looks like huge robots or machines lying in the sand. To me this says that this situation has existed for a very long time. The roots of the problem lie way back in the distant past which probably means there are no quick-fix solutions to be expected in your situation. It will take patience and time to get out of this. So whatever it is you are planning you should not resort to any desperate and hasty measures. I'm using the "Tarot of Metamorphosis", a deck I'm not overly familiar with, so I will add what the LWB has to say about the card: “A lack of faith or interest thwarts metamorphosis or at least makes it incomplete". This would also suggest you need to believe in your own ability to solve this and to get through this. It tells you not to give up hope no matter how desperate things seem at this moment. 
The three cards on top show what is likely to happen if you choose the path you have in mind. There's Ten of Swords, Ace of Wands and The Lovers. 
The Lovers at the end suggest a positive outcome, however the lovers also demand total commitment to a choice and a cause. If this is what you really feel you should be doing deep in your heart, it could indeed be the right path for you. But you should question your motives in this. Am I really convinced this is what I want and would my heart be in it? The Ten of Swords suggests this is a very radical solution, a sudden, drastic end, a clear cut and break, the decision to destroy something in order to make room for something new. Also the Ace of Wands suggest the creation of something new out of sheer will-power. It seems a forceful path. My eyes get stuck on the image on the Ace of Wands. There's a human figure whose lower part is a tree trunk rooted to the spot. At the roots the wood looks grey and dead. The face of the person is twisted as if it takes great force and effort for the human body to "break out of" the wood. It looks like a forceful liberation. I can only assume, you have something radical in mind that would probably not make you happy but seems at the moment to be the only way to quickly break free from your current situation. Let me see what the LWB says about the three cards: 10 Swords: Total immobility of the chrysalis, which seems lifeless. Renewal sometimes requires great sacrifice. Ace of Wands: The beginning of a renewal and the impetus tht pushes toward action and changing oneself and the surrounding environment. The Lovers:  You can let yourself be engrossed by an irresistible attraction to something or someone that changes your personality but don't forget that you always have the possibility of choosing. I think that pretty much matches my own ideas about the cards. Choose wisely. Only if your heart is really into it and if you are really convinced in your heart that this is the right path should you proceed - as this probably means great sacrifice. Also, the significator suggests that radical and hasty decisions might not be the best option in your case.
The three cards below are three Major Arcana cards. For me that as such shows that perhaps this could be the better and more sustainable and effective path. Three Majors point to important life lessons that you can learn that will transform yourself. The Sun as the outcome also suggests that this is the path of the ego. If you choose this you will probably get out of this by your own strength and power. Temperance as the first card shows that you need to balance the different forces in your life, find a middle way (perhaps a temporary removal of your brother from the family while other, more permanent solutions can be found?). Temperance for me also is a card that could suggest therapy as it stands for finding mental/emotional balance and harmony. So perhaps you can find help. The Magician shows me that you have the skills and the determination to take your life in your own hands and change it for the better. Most likely this is what your friend who died saw too. There is great potential that needs to flow into the right channels and I suppose you will need help with that. The Sun shows trust in yourself and others, great strength and optimism and warmth. These three cards tell me that you are capable of much more than you think you are and will probably find better ways of getting yourself and your brother out of this. 
The LWB has this to say about the three Majors: Temperance: Temperance balances opposite polarities of existence in an inner metamorphosis that renews the human being. Pursue the harmony you seek, avoid stagnant situations and crystallization, both mental and material. The Magician transforms the world with his illusions, casting on it the images of his intense will. The risk is being deceived by his imagination. You hold in your hands the power of concentrating all energies of transformation. The Sun: Everything appears as i truly is. Without any type of tricks, proceed confidently toward the objectives that you have set, letting the energy of the Sun illuminate and fully renew your personality. 
That kind of sums it up for me. You have the power and the will to change your situation on your own if you don't manoeuvre yourself into situations where you cannot move or are no longer in control. Of course I don't know what your "plan" is but you say it involves the boy you are seeing. The cards tell you not to make yourself depend on other people too much. Get help and advice when necessary but the kind of help that enables you to take control of your own life. 

I hope I could help you a little with this analysis.


Additional Comment: 
This reading was great for me as it helped me arrive at a deeper understanding of the "Lovers" card. I tend to see the card in a very positive light (it's my personality card after all) and see it as "the correct choice", the choice made from the bottom of the heart. As I know the story does not have a happy ending to put it mildly, the Lovers here do not actually point to this being the "right choice" automatically. In fact, they ask you to question your motives and ask yourself if this is really the path you want to choose with all of your heart and if you are willing to accept all the consequences and sacrifices it may involve. In Economics "choice" always means there is "opportunity cost". It means that choosing one option you give up others. You should always think about what you are giving up and whether what you gain is worth it. In this case, Krystal's plan would be something she does only to get out of the situation quickly, it is not anything she would actively choose if she felt she had other options. But in her current situation she is unable to see the other options that she has. So I will have to remember that the Lovers card does not necessarily mean a person actually is taking the decision from the bottom of their heart but it is more a pointer that asks the querent to do some serious thinking about their motives for choosing this or that. Wow. Nice one. Helped me a great deal. :-)

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