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Montag, 11. Juni 2012

New Deck: Tarot of Paris

The random generator suggested I try the following:

1) Tarot of Paris
2) Paulina Tarot
3) Crystal Tarot

I picked the Tarot of Paris to work with for a while. I'll post some readings with it and a review in the end. 

Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Dear Satu, Yours Werther! - 5 of Cups Crisis Spread

I'm sorry it took me so long to update but there seems to be so much happening in RL and I can only work at my laptop when the little one's not around (he always wants to help me typing and either messes up everything or starts screaming when he's not allowed :D). So this leaves very little time in a day. I hope it gets better when he's in daycare as from August 1st. Anyway...here's a new spread I made up and tested after reading Goethe's Werther. 

The 5 of Cups Crisis Spread for Goethe's Werther

Dear Satu,

A while ago I met this wonderful girl and we quickly became friends. She is everything I could wish for in a woman. Beautiful, warm, emotional, enthusiastic, honest, caring - you can see that in the way she takes care of her younger brothers and sisters. And I'm sure she likes me very much, too. The problem is, she kind of promised her mother on the deathbed to marry this man Albert. 
And mind you, he's not a bad fellow, we even became something like friends. He's kind, reliable, trustworthy and he loves her. But he's so bourgeois, you know? I'm not sure they really are a good match. I mean, Lotte and I, we share so many interests, we're on the same page about so many things. And I'm sure Albert would take good care of her and love her but - would he be able to really touch her heart? I doubt it. Or am I being selfish? 

In any event, they are going to be married soon and what then? What's left for me? I think I'm going to kill myself. 

Yours Werther

My dear Werther,

I happen to have just the thing for you. There's a spread I just made up which I hope will help the querent deal with setbacks and losses. My belief is that we are more than a sum of our achievements and successes. Just as a plant needs sunshine and rain to grow, we need both the good and the bad experiences in life in order to become whole. It all shapes us and makes us who we are. And even if your situation seems desperate and overwhelmingly sad at this moment, I will need you to allow the thought that it might be just one stopover on your life journey, one more experience you were meant to go through in your life in order to grow and in order to become "yourself". And I'm sure there are still a lot of people who deeply care about you and still more who you haven't met but whose lives you are meant to touch. Please do not resort to desperate measures. 
The spread is based on the image on the Five of Cups in the Rider Waite Colman Smith deck, so I have posted the card above. The positions are as follows:

1 - The cups that have fallen: This is what got lost.
2 - The person in the black cloak: This is you and how you are dealing with it.
3 - The cups still standing: This is what remains, what you can work with.
4 - The river that catches the spilled liquid in the end: The greater context, the life  
     lesson you can learn here if you are willing to.
5 - The castle in the background: The best possible future outcome of this situation.
6 - The bridge: What will help you right now in order to get through this.

1) The Nine of Wands - this card shows a "once bitten, twice shy" kind of situation. The way you went into this situation was that of the wands suit, the fire element, enthusiastic, passionate, courageous, taking risks, straightforward and direct. Most likely you didn't try very hard to hide your feelings or think very long about the consequences of your actions. This leads me to think you are perhaps rather young or not very experienced in this area. You went into this carefree, full of passion and you didn't realise how vulnerable you actually are. Now that you incurred a "battle wound" you have become cautious, it shook your sense of basic trust. In yourself, in life, in love, in other people. You feel like you will never be able to fall in love with anyone again, not like this. And perhaps that's true as it seems to have been the first time you fell for somebody so completely. It will be different - but not necessarily worse.

2) Six of Pentacles - You are a generous person, you have given a lot, invested a lot in this relationship, not thinking about how much you have to give and what you will get in return. You gave freely without expecting anything in return but it turns out - if you're completely honest - that you did expect a different outcome. Now you are in a situation where you are dependent on other people, waiting for them to help you, for scraps to fall your way. That is most likely not very satisfying. It's a very passive attitude. 

3) Six of Cups - What you have is your childlike honesty, your ability to dream, to feel, not caring about social conventions and etiquette too much. At least not in a way to allow all that to weigh you down. You are very spontaneous and playful, a creative mind and most likely get along very well with children. You would make a very good father some day as you are still very much in touch with your inner child, your happy memories and this is something you should strive to keep. The memory of your first love will always be there. You will always have a happy place in your memories you can go to, you are creative, you have a lot of potential, a lot of promise. It would be very sad to see you throw it all away. However, the Six of Cups also shows you can be quite impulsive and dwell on the past. That is something you could try to work on.

4) Hanged Man - The life lesson here is indeed how you can perceive a crisis as a chance. A situation that seems hopeless, a dead end that becomes a chance to grow. The Hanged Man is in a bad situation, he is left hanging in the air, not much he can actually do in a physical sense. A lot of people say the Hanged Man put himself into this position, knowing that growth often needs sacrifice. The developmental psychologist Jean Piaget says that children learn by finding "equilibrium". They make a new experience which does not seem to match their former understanding and concept of the world which unsettles them as it disturbs their equilibrium. Now they try to make sense of the new knowledge, balance it out with previous perceptions and regain their equilibrium. I strongly believe he is onto something there. People hardly ever change their views, strategies and their perception of the world while things are running smoothly. It needs a crisis. You need to run smack into a brick wall before you think it could perhaps be wise to change your current course and strategy. Hanged Man situations are a chance to learn and grow - even though you have to sacrifice a lot and it may hurt or at least be unpleasant for a while. This is a great chance for you to grow.

5) The World - The promise here is that you will be wiser, more mature, gain life experience and find your place and calling in life. If you hang on and work through this, you will get to a point where you will feel complete and happy. Where you will feel that you are where you belong. 

6) The bridge that could bring you there is the Eight of Cups. You need to have the courage to let go, to walk away from this (metaphorically as well as literally). Putting some space between you, Lotte and Albert seems like a good idea but you will need to let go mentally. It may seem a bit scary as you don't know what lies ahead. And as I pointed out before, you don't trust life anymore. You think you won't be able to find happiness anywhere but with your Lotte. And perhaps you are even afraid that indeed you might and it would destroy your romantic ideals about there being "one true love in life", just one special person for everybody. The Eight of Cups promises totally new, different experiences, most likely not less fulfilling if you only have the courage to let go, turn and walk away. 

I do hope you will find a way to do that.

Yours Satu