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Montag, 12. März 2012

My time with the Housewives

I'm reviewing The Housewives Tarot - A Domestic Divination Kit by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum, Quirk Books.

When I first saw some card images from this deck on the internet I thought it was quite a funny idea but no good for actually conducting readings. But then I saw a reading done with the Housewives Tarot over on Cat's blog and I thought I should perhaps not be so fast to dismiss the deck. Being the collector that I am, I finally bought it and was quite surprised. I very much liked the quality and the look of the deck. It comes in a mock recipe box and you can separate majors and minors in the box. There is a small 96-page companion booklet which gives you the meanings for all the cards and a few interesting spreads (which I haven't tried so far though). 

The graphics are in the style of 50s adverts and as I'm a bit of a sucker for 50s-style pin-ups, too (like the ones by Gil Elvgren and Zoe Mozert) I really like the style. The images are collages in this style and the way the items and figures are arranged is witty, clever and ironic. 

After a week of doing various readings with the deck I could now convince myself that it is more than just a fun collector's item or just decoration. I found the answers the deck gave concise, to the point and very direct. The wit and irony of the images gives a nice twist on the readings. I would think it's a great deck for everyday life decision-making, nothing too deep, spiritual or psychological. In my interview the deck told me it didn't like questions on work and finances, so I didn't try them. Others say it's very good in that area. So maybe it's just my deck. :)

My favourite card was the Hermit:

The Bath is pretty much my hermitage, too because it's the only place in the house where I can really retreat and be alone with my thoughts. I enjoy bubble baths very much as they give you some away time and relaxation and you can let your thoughts roam. So this card made a lot of sense to me. 

My least favourite card was Judgment: 

Being seriously fed up with all this weight talk I hate the image and as someone who used to be a Vegetarian for over seven years (until I was told to reduce carbs and found it too hard to do so without any meat whatsoever) I found it particularly disgusting. Just don't like the idea of a person's value depending on how much "meat" they carry around on their bones, even though this is ironic and not entirely serious. 

There are some pretty neat ideas in the deck like the ginormous glass of mayonnaise on the Death Card (Salmonella) and the slogan "Everything Expires". Very much hits the nail on the head. This will be what I'll think of when I see the Death Card in the future, "Which things in your life are past their shelf life?". 

On the whole it's a deck that is fun to work with and gives very straight-forward and short answers. I wouldn't use it for anything deep like things that require a little psychological insight. But I enjoyed my time with the Housewives. This one is a keeper.

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