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Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Musings on my muses...

Housewives Tarot - A Domestic Divination Kit by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum, Quirk Books.

I just found a "Three Muses" spread here and wanted to give it a try. I'll be using the Housewives again. 

Here goes...

1) You - The Emperor 
2) The Idea - Knight of Swords
3) The block - Knight of Pentacles
4,5,6) The three muses that can help you get back on track. - Nine of Wands, The Chariot, Eight of Wands

The Emperor - This deck really doesn't bother with being polite methinks. The Emperor card in this deck totally looks like Louis de Funès in this film scene. Also his body is made up only of staple foods with a long shelf-life. So in short, he's a bit of a Nazi, opts for the quick fix instead of something fresh and just isn't too original. Not what you would like to hear about yourself as a writer. But then again I suppose the bitter truth is...it is me. I am holding on to my old ideas too much, I'm a total Nazi about grammar, choice of words, perspective, research on details...so I keep losing myself in editing, researching things like "would it have been possible to cross over to Worm's Head in Rhossili at a particular time of day on a particular date" instead of just giving a f*** about it and having my character cross over there anyway. I mean...who is going to notice if indeed it would not have been possible at that time of day? On the positive side, the Emperor here can rely on a solid basis and good structure - he won't starve but he won't be able to make the most interesting of meals. So on the bright side, I do have the necessary skills and know how to structure my stories, I'll just have to add a little more freshness, improvisation, spice...that sort of thing. 

2) Knight of Swords - A Marlon Brando type on a motorcycle wielding a razor blade. The project I'm totally stuck on literally has something to do with a knight. And he's being a bit of a rebel without a cause at the moment as his quest - the way I intended it, just doesn't work out. There are two girls in the background making googly eyes at the Knight on his motorcycle, so I suppose my main characters are at least lovable. It's more the plot that's the problem. 

3) Knight of Pentacles - What is the block? Someone mowing the lawn. So surely everyday life and my daily chores get in the way a lot but it also means that I've been allowing grass to grow over my initial idea. I have to cut what's grown too long and let it grow back from the root. I just know I'll have to say goodbye to a few things I had originally intended and planned. I got that in a reading I received in an exchange on Aeclectic Tarot, too. 

4,5,6) Nine of Wands seems to tell me to be prepared for all eventualities - wearing my little black dress even when I'm cleaning and using a ladder to reach spots I haven't before with my brooms and mops. That means, I should start thinking outside the box and expect success. The Chariot tells me there is no gain without risk - it says so on the tins one of the women on the card has just bought, so I need to be a bit more daring and Eight of Wands tells me to mount my broom and fly. All in all I need to be a bit more daring and innovative and faster, stop editing, write more, get back to it later to do the fine tuning but get moving. I suppose those are all great tips and I'll try to do that. :)

So far I have to say I like the Housewives better than I thought. They are refreshingly concise and clear - at least that's my impression so far.


  1. This wasn't a keeper deck for me so I traded it to Grizabella, but I enjoyed it while I had it for it's plain truth readings. No mystery symbology or Golden Circle secrets, straight forward. :)

    1. For me it's a keeper but you are right, it doesn't run very deep. Still, I quite liked it. :)