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Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

Blogger's block...

Sorry everyone! It's been quite a while without any entries here but things have been pretty chaotic here as at least one of us was always ill. Me, my hubby, the baby, my dad, me, the baby again, my mother, right now it's the baby again. I just about had it. So I didn't get round to writing anything much. Not my book projects, not my blogs...but there you go. Life happens. :) 

Inspired by Cat's blog I decided to use the random generator to see which decks he would suggest from my (growing) collection that I should spend some time with and it came up with

Druidcraft Tarot
Rider Waite Coleman Smith (how novel!)
Housewives Tarot

As I have worked a lot with both the RWCS and the Druidcraft the choice was easy. So during the following week I'll do some readings with the Housewives Tarot (starting with a New Deck interview) and then I'll give you my opinion on the deck. So bear with me. It might take some time as the baby has been running a fever and was super clingy. I don't know how much time I'll have to blog. Tuesday I have a dentist's appointment (again! meh!) and I'm treating myself to having my nails done on Wednesday. We'll just see. I'll do my very best. 

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