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Freitag, 13. Januar 2012


My blogging output has not been very prolific these days as I have finally been able to remove large parts of my prolonged writer's block concerning one of my book projects. I got stuck because the plot didn't work somehow and I needed to make it fit the timeline. Now I have sketched all the events and the timeline and it finally works. I only have to write the particular scenes and bits now.

So I have been writing a lot but will return shortly with a "New Deck Interview" and a Review of the "Circle of Life Tarot" (once I have experimented with it some more).


  1. Congratulations on getting over that block!
    I believe that doing something else that is important to us always is a good reason not to blog for a while. Which isn't to say I'm not interested to see what's to come here on your blog. :)

  2. :) Thanks. It's difficult to be disciplined about this whole blogging experience because without regular posts (at least monthly) the idea of a blog is pretty pointless I guess. I left my old one to sit there far too long. Somehow I just didn't know how to get the Second Life twist out of it. So I decided to open a new one and move the stuff that was good over to the new place. I'm a lot happier with it now and I hope I'll have the discipline to keep blogging regularly.

  3. I wanted to say congratulations too! I got kind of stuck on the book I was was trying to write, where I left off is not working! But I'm hopeful I can come back to it. Look forward to seeing your new posts. :)

  4. Thanks, squidwrite. I hope you can get rid of your writer's block, too. :)