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Freitag, 6. Januar 2012

Who's afraid of the big bad Tarot?

On Tarot Sojourns - one of the blogs I follow - I found an interesting YouTube video by Paul Hughes Barlow. He talks about how fear of the tarot destroys spirituality.

Tarot Cards - Death

When they find out I am interested in tarot, people are often sceptic and some even afraid. Some people think you are involved in a satanic cult or at the very least a lunatic. This I think is mostly due to the image they have of tarot reading. Most people take their ideas from literature, films or television. They have some kind of vague idea of a shady old woman wearing flowing gowns in bright colours, too much make-up and jewellery staring sullenly at the Death Card on the table mumbling something about you having the evil eye on you. You are in luck - for only a hundred euros the old crone will remove the curse.

This is not what tarot is all about if you take it seriously - at least not in our modern day and age. As I wrote in the "About Tarot" section of this page, tarot is a very versatile tool. Tarot is fun, insightful, creative, innovative, pragmatic, helpful - it is a lot of things. Just not scary.

Some people are scared that the Death card will appear in their reading. There is, however, absolutely nothing to be scared of. Death in the tarot stands for all sorts of natural endings, it shows that you need to let go of something old in order to welcome something new into your life. This can point to a great opportunity. Finally you are getting rid of your rusty old car and buying the BMW you had an eye on. Good news, at last you will get over that awful breakup and open yourself to the possibility of finding a new love. Of course saying goodbye to something or somebody that we grew accustomed to always involves a bit of sadness, mourning or regrets. And the Death card may stand for a time where you find it difficult to let go of something.

Each single card in the 78-card deck has both positive and negative aspects, contains lessons and/or warnings. Life is not always great, we all know that. The question is: how do we react to mistakes we make, to misfortune and setbacks?
Do we choose to be scared? Of course fear has a function - if we didn't feel fear we'd probably do some very stupid things. Fear is a natural warning system that tells us when it is time to run for cover. There are situations when fear makes sense biologically but not when you are looking at a piece of cardboard with an image on it. The cards and their images are a projection screen you can use to gain access to your subconscious. If you are scared of a certain card it is well worth asking yourself: Why am I afraid of this card? What inner fear does it reflect?

If you face your fears, take them seriously, acknowledge and explore them, sometimes the things you are scared of seem a lot less scary. Saying that, there is actually a card expressing just that: The Moon. Sometimes you need to go through unpleasant experiences in order to bring forth something new/better or in order to release something. Like giving birth. Anything but pleasant to go through but still an experience that changes you and results in something wonderful. It would be the end of the human race if women let fear keep them from going through that experience.

Life can be pretty scary at times but there are ways of dealing with and coping with fears. Tarot is actually just the tool to show you how.

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