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Samstag, 21. Januar 2012

Tarot and Numerology feat. Robbie Williams

This is another post I have imported from my old blog. The first version of this was posted on May 4th, 2010. I edited and shortened it slightly.

Today I’m going to explain about the link between numerology, astrology and the Tarot. As an example, I will use Robbie Williams (or Robert Peter Williams).

According to Indian numerology, there are a couple of numbers that determine our lives and our character. For example there is the “psychic number” which is the checksum of the month you were born in and tells you something about the way you see yourself. It shows your talents and your basic character. For Robbie Williams, who was born 13th February, this number would be “2″. Its significance lessens the older you get and the “destiny number” becomes more important. In the Tarot this number would correspond to: II The High Priestess.

The destiny number is calculated by adding the single digits of the day, month and year of your birth. For Robbie Williams that would be:

1+3+2+1+9+7+4= 27 = 2+7 = 9

In the Tarot that would correspond to the card of IX The Hermit

Finally there’s the “name number”. You may have different name numbers as you are called differently by various people. So in the case of Robbie Williams his given name is “Robert Peter Williams” but most people know him as just “Robbie Williams”.

To calculate the name number you match each letter of the name with its value according to the following chart:

A-J-S =1 , B-K-T =2 , C-L-U =3 , D-M-V =4 , E-N-W =5 , F-O-X =6 , G-P-Y =7, H-Q-Z =8 I-R =9

Robert+Peter+WilliamsThen you add the values until you get a single digit number. For “Robert Peter Williams” that would be:


As there are 22 cards in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, any number between 1 and 22 will be all right, 22 being the fool. So here we get two cards we can attribute to the name: XV The Devil and VI The Lovers.

Astrologically he’s an Aquarius with Leo as his Ascendant and a Scorpio Moon. The sun sign stands for your personality, the Ascendant shows your potential and the way you interact with others. The Moon Sign tells you something about how you deal with emotions.

Aquarius is attributed to the card: XVII The Star. Leo is attributed to the card: XI Strength and Scorpio is attributed to XIII Death.

Now what can we conclude about Robbie Williams from this numerological and astrological data and the Tarot cards associated with the numbers?

1. The Psychic Number: 2 “The High Priestess”

This reveals that there is a lot of sensitivity and also a strong feminine personality aspect. Underneath the cool exterior, there is a very vulnerable, sensitive and emotional personality. The High Priestess points to a person who feels that there is more to life than our rational mind can grasp and this person will probably be looking for this “something”, trying to find answers even with unconventional methods. This person would be highly emotional with good instincts and intuitions could be spiritually interested or even have a psychic streak.

2. The Destiny Number: 9 “The Hermit”

Whereas the High Priestess shows the starting point, the influence of the “Hermit” will grow especially from the mid-thirties onwards. It shows that this deep knowledge of there being “more” to life is still driving him. The Hermit stands for a path of transcendence, for someone on a mission. That mission is to find answers and to reveal the truth behind things. So as he grows older it is more likely that he feels discontent with having achieved material success and fame. It is likely that he wants to be taken seriously as an artist and that is more important for him than the actual fame and money. He is likely to take life more seriously as he grows older, to look for meaning and sense in other places than he used to. The Hermit also shows that he can be very solitary and retreat into himself, keeping things bottled up and trying to solve them on his own.

3. Name numbers: XV Devil and VI Lovers

The Devil hints at his tendency to do everything he does excessively and points to his drug and alcohol excesses just as well as to his affairs of the past. The Devil points to a charismatic, magnetic personality who has sex appeal but finds it hard to keep the right measure in what they do. What is behind this is that he needs and wants to be loved for who he really is. It may sound corny but someone with the Lovers as their name card will be very dependent on what other people think of them. They need appreciation. They are also people who are driven more by their emotions than by their rational mind. They find it hard to make choices and decisions because they take them very seriously. Once they choose a path, commit to a cause or a person, they feel the need to stick with it. Therefore they might have a tendency to shy away from commitment until they are really certain it’s the right choice.

4. Astrology: XVII The Star; XI Strength; and XIII Death

The Star representing his sun sign stands for the eternal optimist, a person who believes that things will be all right in the end. It also points to “star qualities” in the literal sense, someone who sparkles and stands out. Strength represents the side he shows in interaction with others: there he is lively, full of energy and power, charismatic, outgoing and extrovert, a real stage hog who is very self-confident and not easily unsettled. These two make up a perfect cover and facade to hide his somewhat gloomy Scorpio moon. Death shows that he finds it difficult to deal with losses and letting go of things. It is not easy to upset or disgruntle someone with an Aquarius sun and Leo Ascendent but once you have managed for this person to hold a grudge against you, the Scorpio moon will cause him to remember that for a long time. With a Scorpio moon you don’t forgive and forget easily. Also there is a tendency for self-hatred and self-destructive behaviour.

On the whole, if you throw all these qualities together, you get a very alluring mix. Someone with a magnetic personality, who is outgoing and lively but who has depth – and some darker qualities that sometimes add to a person’s appeal because a star without scandals and abysses would be boring very easily.

It's very interesting to have a look at what your personality cards are. It can give you some valuable insights.

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