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Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

Meeting Mr/Ms Right Spread: Dear Satu, Yours Marianne

Jane Austen Tarot by Pietro Alligo and Diane Wilkes. (c) 2006. Lo Scarabeo. All Rights Reserved

I think the most frequent question I have had as a tarot reader is "When will I meet Mr/Ms Right" or variations on that theme. So I developed a spread that would help me with that particular question. I have always been fond of the "Secret of the High Priestess" spread by Hajo Banzhaf as it involves a card that is only interpreted if it is a Major Arcana, so there's an element of surprise there.

So mine is a 5-card spread the outcome of which is determined by what card you get in position "I". "I" answers the question: "Will I meet Mr/Ms Right within the coming three months?". The four other cards give you further insight.

If "I" is either a court card or one of the "people" cards in the Major Arcana (The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Hermit or The Devil) it means "Yes, you are going to meet Mr/Ms Right within the coming three months". And the card describes this person's characteristics (you don't have to pay attention to the gender of that card).

If "I" is the Lovers it means "Yes, you will meet Mr/Ms Right and it will hit you like a thunderbolt - love at first sight, across a crowded room...you get the picture".

If "I" is a pip card or one of the other Majors it describes an obstacle (either in your attitude or in external circumstances) to finding a partner

If "I" is a person cards 1-4 are read like this:

1. Where will we meet?
2. Under what circumstances will we meet?
3. What is my first impression of them/my first thought when I meet them?

4. What can I do to help attracting Mr/Ms Right?

If "I" is not a person cards 1-4 are read like this:

1. What past baggage might prevent me from finding a relationship?
2. What present external influence might prevent finding a relationship?
3. What present attitudes might keep me from finding a relationship?

4. What can I do to help attracting Mr/Ms Right?

As an example I used Marianne Dashwood from Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility".

Dear Satu,

Recently my sister, my mother and I have run into some bad luck. First our father died, then our half-brother made us leave our home. Even though our father made him promise to look after us and take care of us financially, he left us just enough money to scrape by. We had to relocate to a very humble cottage we can only afford because it belongs to a distant relative of Mother's.
Mother says everything now depends on me and my sister Elinor marrying well. I don't know if I am willing to sacrifice romance and true love only to make a sensible decision and choose a wealthy husband. Please, Satu. Can you tell me if I will meet somebody I can truly love?

Yours Marianne Dashwood

Dear Marianne,

I have used my Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot and a spread I have recently developed to find out whether you are going to meet Mr Right within the coming three months. Let me begin with the good news. The cards say yes, you are going to meet him. I get the King of Pentacles. This means it will indeed be somebody who is financially independent and rather wealthy, a very down-to-earth, no-nonsense character, probably older than you or at least appearing very mature in his demeanour. He may at first appear somewhat "sedate" as he is realistic and pragmatic but don't let yourself be fooled by appearances, he can be very sensual and caring and a very loyal partner who may not always have his heart on the tip of his tongue but once he loves somebody he is not easily swayed.

As to where you will meet I got the Ace of Wands. From the picture I infer that it will most likely be a stately place, possibly a mansion (there's a stone lion and a big entrance door to be seen). The Ace of Wands could point to there being somebody strong-willed, enthusiastic or bossy, too.
The next card showing the circumstances under which you will meet is the Eight of Swords which shows that there will be initial difficulties, some kind of obstacle. Something holds you back or incapacitates you or him, I see inhibition or faltering.
The third card shows your first impression. It's the Nine of Pentacles. You will probably just see him as being "well off", perhaps you will even think him snobbish.

Card number four shows what attitude or insight will help you attracting Mr Right. The World shows that there is a cycle to be completed first, you need to find out where you're headed in life and where you would like to stand. The World says there is probably some growing up to do and perhaps you need to revise your view of the world. However, the World promises there will be a happy ending for you after you have been through a "journey of initiation".

I hope I could help you with your question and this reading makes sense to you. All the best for you and your King of Pentacles.

Love and Light


The funny thing about this is that I got the King of Pentacles here. It really made me laugh as it instantly made me think Colonel Brandon - not Willoughby. So the cards clearly tell her who her Mr Right will be but they also say that there will be initial difficulties and something "holding her back", some lesson to learn before she can finally arrive at "The World", her own personal happy ending. The Ace of Wands would have made me think of Willoughby but as the card is supposed to show a place where they would meet, I went by the picture.

Later I thought I should have used my Jane Austen Tarot for this reading and just for fun I reconstructed the spread with the cards from the Jane Austen deck and nearly keeled over backwards when I saw the King of Pentacles. I thought now clearly everybody will think I made this reading up to fit the story. The King of Pentacles in the Jane Austen deck looks a lot like my beloved Alan Rickman - Colonel Brandon in the movie by Ang Lee and Emma Thompson. Then the Eight of Swords shows a woman playing harp and a man standing there watching her in a very formal posture. In the movie version of Sense and Sensibility Marianne meets Colonel Brandon for the first time when he walks in while she is playing the piano. I don't remember under what circumstances they meet in the book as it's so long ago that I read it but it must have been at Barton Park, too. The Nine Pentacles in this deck show a wealthy old man - which is basically what Marianne at first sees in Colonel Brandon. The Jane Austen deck version of the card fits so well it's uncanny. The final card shows the happy ending, the wedding, so it is also very fitting.

When I saw the Jane Austen version of the spread laid out on my table it really made me laugh just how accurate it was.


  1. Oh I LOVE doing a Tarot reading for major characters in works of fiction. I want to know how Jane Eyre's would go, or Heathcliff's. That would also be a fantastic way to figure out what happens next in a story.

  2. I tried to comment on your trifecta greeting, but I couldn't. SO I'll say hi there over here. You know, I put that nobody had specifically given me advice in my own response, but your comment that you'd been told to welcome criticism actually rang very true for me, as well. And it is excellent advice.

    1. Thanks so much for pointing that out. I forgot to include a comment section on the About page. I don't remember where I got that advice. I know it was a book on creative writing but I don't remember which one.