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Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

A good day to fall in love

Legacy of the Divine Tarot. by Ciro Marchetti. © 2009, Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd. All rights reserved. Used by permission of the publisher. Card images are protected intellectual property and may not be recopied or reused in any manner without written permission from the publisher.

Pages are the "children" of their suit, the potential - unspoiled but inexperienced. They are similar to the aces since their full potential has not yet unfolded but whereas the aces could point to the beginnings of new projects, ideas, convictions, attitudes, building, learning or acquiring new goods the pages clearly refer to people. They can actually stand for people in the querent's life (the page would usually be a child or teenager or somebody behaving childishly) or they can stand for the querent's state of mind, an aspect of their personality.

The Cups court rules the water element. The page - or Prince - is all water energy, full of creative potential, driven mainly by his emotions he experiences. He is able to go from enraptured to devastated in the shortest time, everything he experiences, he takes to heart. His emotions just bubble up and he doesn't really make an effort hiding them - wearing his heart on his sleeve. While the King rules the water element, the page is ruled by it.

The page of cups as card of the day means that you are open to all sorts of emotional experiences. You have put out your feelers and are open to receiving messages on an emotional level. You are sensitive and susceptible, spontaneous and/or full of creative ideas. It could mean you are oversensitive and bound to be too emotional in a conflict. However, it also means it is the perfect day to fall in love - with somebody else, with yourself, with a new project you started or with the world outside. If you get swept off your feet, do enjoy it but be careful. The page is also a reminder not to get caught in an emotional maelstrom - he gets easily carried away or when angry overreacts.

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