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Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

Comfort zone

Tarot of the Sweet Twilight. by Christina Benintende. © 2009, Lo Scarabeo. All rights reserved.

I like this rendition of the Four of Wands as it helped me understand the card a bit better. Crowley calls his card "Completion", which seems to be a contrast to the card image here because the castle in the background is in ruins and there is what looks like a tornado on the horizon. The man on the picture looks exhausted, the way his right arm is hanging down and he stares off into the distance, like he has been through some trouble or excitement.
But he has loosened his tie, his cuffs are unbuttoned. The woman snuggles into his lap. The trouble seems to lie behind them, like they just returned from a hectic work day.
They seem untouched by the storm outside and the ruined castle. The couch is their safe haven, their comfort zone. They feel at home and protected here - in this place they have built for themselves as a result of their efforts.

Four indicates stability and security. Wands as the suit of the fire element stand for passion, desire, dynamic force, growth, vitality, action, movement, ambition, creativity, will-power and leadership. You are now securing what you have achieved through your passion, drive and will-power enjoying a moment of peace. This can be a reason to celebrate, too - the RWCS rendition of the card shows a celebration - but mainly this is about completing a cycle, striking a balance of forces, having created something stable.

So this card invites you to unwind, enjoy what you have achieved so far and forget about the raging storms outside for a moment - you can take care of those some other time. Whether you share this moment with friends, a special somebody or on your own, enjoy it - you deserved it.

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