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Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

78 Sentences

I have been working on a book about Tarot and Creative Writing. I know there's "Tarot for Writers" by Corrinne Kenner and Arwen's blog, which are both very helpful but as far as I know there is nothing available in German so far. I have written a rough first draft which now has 102 pages but somehow I'm not quite happy with it and I don't find the time to work on it right now.

I tried different methods suggested in Corrine's book and my own ideas and love the narrative qualities of the Tarot. Picking up on an idea Corrinne mentions in her book, I went through my entire deck of World Spirit Tarot cards and spontaneously wrote down the first sentence that came to mind when turning over the card. It's a fun thing to do and definitely something that can get you out of writer's block. If I remember correctly, Corrinne suggested writing a story from the 78 lines that you get. I would find that very difficult with my 78 sentences. However, I think some are maybe worth exploring further.

This might be a great exercise for a tarot journal. Shuffle, turn over card by card, jot down a sentence for each single card. Try not to think about it, just write. It doesn't need to sound good or be very original.

You get a list of 78 sentences to go with your current deck. Rather neat as I find some of them very revealing and most of them have little or nothing to do with the LWB meaning/interpretation of the card. Very helpful if you would like to go for a more intuitive approach. I quite liked it as it gives me some surprising insights into some of the cards. Moreover, I now have 78 sentences that I might try and use in stories.

Let me just give you a few examples of my sentences. Of course I'll have to translate as I wrote them in German.

Ace of Pentacles: "Dang, Aunt Getrud will be visiting. Where's the stupid plate she gave me".

Nine of Swords: "No! Go away! Just leave me alone!".

Dare you to write a story using the following sentences:

I can't believe it! I think we just struck oil! (Seeker of Cups)

I wonder what's keeping him so long, she thought (Nine of Pentacles).

She hadn't noticed that ring on his left hand before. (Seven of Wands)

The night was lit up by countless torches (Nine of Wands)

What an unbearably arrogant git! (Seer of Swords)

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The World Spirit Tarot. by Jessica Godino and Lauren O'Leary. © 2001, Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. 2143 Wooddale Drive. Woodbury, MN 55125. All rights reserved. Used by permission of the publisher. Card images are protected intellectual property, and may not be recopied or reused in any manner without written permission from the publisher.

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