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Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

Trifecta Writing Challenge Tarot Style #1: Waking Eyes

I'm a huge fan of writing challenges and I have just stumbled across one that is a real challenge for me as a non-native speaker of English. It will probably help me broaden my vocabulary horizon a great deal and it sounds like great fun.

You are given a word and have to use it in your story but not in its most commonly used meaning, you have to use it in the third meaning found in the Merriam Webster's Online Dictionary.

This week's word was "skirt" used as a verb in the sense "to go or pass around or about; specifically: to go around or to keep away from in order to avoid danger or discovery".

Find the rules HERE.

In order to add a little tarot spice to the challenge I thought I'd draw a card to get some inspiration. I used the card I came up with in the "Sacred Days of Yule" daily draw on Aeclectic Tarot.

Waking Eyes

Annie knew his family would insist on an open casket. Was she ready for this? In an attempt to avoid the images surfacing in her mind, she kept herself busy emptying out his side of the closet piling the clothes on the now empty side of the bed. The house was unnaturally quiet. Annie stopped and caught her breath, listening to the unfamiliar silence for a few seconds. Like being lost in space – this vast empty place devoid all sound except for her own blood rushing in her ears. Brushing aside the thoughts and memories, she went back to work.

The service seemed to last an eternity. Annie couldn’t take her eyes of the casket. Why did it bother her so? Her heart was hammering. What did she expect to happen?

When the last chords of the organ had ended all eyes were on her. She knew they all expected her to go first. After all, she had been his wife. There was no way she could skirt this duty. Her heart thumping madly in her chest, she got up, knees shaking and walked to the front of the chapel.
Nervously her eyes scanned the body, finding his face. Peaceful – as if he was just asleep. Of course. They had closed his eyes. She nearly had to laugh. What had she expected? When she had imagined this moment, somehow she had always imagined them open, staring at her. Those big, round, dumb eyes, staring at her.

He had never seen it coming.


  1. He had never seen it coming . . .

    the corner of my mouth just quirked upward. Nice ending!

  2. I loved your ending! It was an unexpected twist.

  3. yeah, I didn't see it coming. really well done.

    Maybe the ending was "in the cards"?

    Good job with the prompt. Thanks for coming over to my place and saying hello.

  4. Wilkommen in Trifecta, Satu! Great to have you on board. I have to say that nothing in this piece suggests that it is written by a non-native English speaker -- you are very much at home writing in English. This is a great piece with a very clever ending. Hopefully this will be the first of many submissions to Trifecta.