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Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

The Story of the Pentacles

I have started some in-depth study with the help of Mary Greer's "21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card" again and got started on writing my own story of the Pentacles suit yesterday. Here's what I came up with:

When they arrived, Claire had been leaning over the railing trying to catch a glimpse of her new home, this country that was so full of promise. There it was - their chance at a better life. She remembered the stories of people who had "made it" over there. People like her and her family who had arrived with next to nothing. But with the right idea and the will to work hard you could become a wealthy person and lead a worry-free life. And it had all been right there before her. (Ace of Pentacles)

Reality proved just a little harder than that. Of course the Nolans were not the only family who had come full of hopes, full of dreams and despite their willingness to work, they barely scraped by. Claire had found a job at a clothes factory where she learned how to sew so she could contribute a little to sustain the family. One day on her way home she found a ring lying there in the street. Being an honest girl, she took it to the Lost and Found but when after a while nobody had come to claim it, she was allowed to keep it. She went to the jeweller's for an evaluation and sold it for a decent sum of money. She hadn't told a soul yet as she didn't want them to get all excited yet. It was fun thinking about the many ways she could spend the money, all the things she could buy. She could pay a couple of months' worth of the rent in advance and still buy some food. She could buy some new clothes for herself and her family. Niamh was in desperate need of some new winter shoes. Or she could buy them all a really nice dinner and take them to the theatre. But maybe it was wiser to invest the money. Phew! What a difficult choice. (2 of Pentacles)

In the end, Claire had decided to rent a little shop and buy her own sewing machine. Her own little dressmaking and alteration shop. It was hard work and she really applied herself to it. So much to learn but she was very talented and soon had earned herself a reputation. (Three Pentacles)

After a while she had made enough money to feed her family and employ a help but she made sure to set some money aside for bad times. She took it all to the bank where it would be safe. (Four of Pentacles)

Little did she know that they would be hit by an economic crisis a few years later. She was right where she had started again, having just enough money to scrape by. She almost thought she would lose it all. The family was very lucky that the landlord was a generous man and never threatened to kick them out when they were behind in their payments. (Five of Pentacles)

Finally the economy recovered and Claire's shop was running smoothly again. she had learned how important it is to help each other when times are tough. She repaid her landlord not forgetting to include generous interest and never forget to donate some of her wealth to the less fortunate. (Six of Pentacles)

Over the years Claire's little shop expanded slowly and steadily. When people said she needed to invest in marketing and advertising, she laughed and said, "Only weeds grow fast!". She knew it would take time and didn't want to take any unnecessary risks. However, it seemed she was right. Things were going just great. (7 of Pentacles)

After a while she felt she was ready to take on a new challenge and took up designing her own clothes. This was something completely new for her and she had to learn a lot. She studied magazines, watched films, went to museums for ideas and kept trying and trying. (8 of Pentacles)

Claire's clothes line became very popular and her little dressmaker's shop had grown into a well-known company with branches all over the country. Claire and her family moved to a big, handsome house in the country with a big garden. Whenever her time allowed, Claire would go there to relax. (9 of Pentacles)

How time flies! Claire looked at her lined face in the mirror. Sometimes it was hard to believe that her daughter Aislin was already in her thirties and had children of her own and little Stevie had just turned 25. Claire was hoping that one day Aislin would take over the family business. She had a knack for it. Her husband would be a great help, too. Or maybe Steve would develop an interest in the business after all. Either way, Claire was sure her company would stay in the family. (10 of Pentacles)


  1. Great idea (maybe I should read that book after all?) and a great way of realizing it! Did you use a particular deck for the exercise? And do we get to read the stories for the other suits as well?

  2. For this one I used the Druidcraft but I tried to base the story more on the numbers and "traditional" card meaning than the actual images. I hope I'll have time to do the stories of the other suits as well because I find that it helped me understand the "dynamic" behind the suit a bit better.