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Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

Our Baby Spread: Dear Satu, Yours Henry VIII

As you may or may not know I have just had a son in April and I thought it might be interesting to do a reading for him concerning the gifts and possible "baggage" he received from me and my hubby.

The positions are as follows:

1 - The greatest gift you got from your mother
2 - The greatest weakness you received from her
3 - The greatest gift you got from your father
4 - The greatest weakness you received from him
5 - What you need from your parents the most right now

I thought it would be more interesting for my readers if I used a fictional character again instead of our own son as then you have the benefit of hind (or rather foresight) and see how accurate the results are.

Dear Satu.

My second wife Anne and I just had a baby daughter, Elizabeth. I was rather disappointed that is was no son as I'm in desperate need of an heir but maybe next time we'll get lucky.
Anyway, I was wondering what will become of little Elizabeth and whether she will take after her father.

Henry the Eighth, by the Grace of God, King of England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith and of the Church of England and also of Ireland in Earth Supreme Head.

Your Majesty.

I feel very honoured as I haven't read for royalty yet. I used my "Our Baby" spread and my Druidcraft tarot cards. The cards I drew for you and your wife were:

1 - The Moon
2 - Five of Cups
3 - Judgement
4 - Queen of Swords
5 - King of Wands

1 - The best quality Elizabeth received from her mother Anne is represented by "The Moon". She will be able to connect very well to her subconscious, her inner visions and dreams. She will be deeply emotional, creative and very good at conquering her own deepest fears, which makes her brave and bold in her endeavours.

2 - The greatest weakness she received from her mother is a tendency to get sad or depressed, feel regrets or yearn for "the good old times". Setbacks will not be easy for her to deal with emotionally.

3 - The best quality she received from her father is represented by "Judgement". She is somebody who has great vision and therefore is not afraid of change and transformation, even if it means breaking with long-standing traditions. She has the ability to create something entirely new from what seemed a lost cause. Given that she is of royal descent, this could mean she will usher in a new era sometime in the future.

4 - The greatest weakness she received from her father is something I would see as a bit of a blessing/curse thing. The Queen of Swords shows that she has a sharp wit, is very clever, eloquent and independent in her thinking. She is a keen judge and very consequent in taking decisions. Very clear-cut. Anyone who stands in the way of her and her vision, might get better acquainted with the Queen's sword. So in that sense she could appear cold-blooded and harsh at times.

5 - The King of Wands is a passionate, strong-willed leader and in this case I would take the card quite obviously to refer to Your Majesty. What Elizabeth needs most right now is her father. Your recognition and approval will be important to her. She needs a male identification figure, someone she can trust and look up to and she needs reassurance. You said you were disappointed that you didn't have a son. The cards advise you not to show your disappointment and support and guide your daughter.

I hope I could help you with this reading.

Light and Love

In case you would like to read up on her:


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