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Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2011

New Year's resolutions reading Satu style (Homer Simpson)

I have seen that there are a lot of New Year's spreads around but I wanted to create one of my own hoping it would help me keep my resolutions. :)

Here's what I came up with:

First you choose three cards from the deck to represent your top three New Year's resolutions and line them up at the top of the spread. Then you cover them with the cards 1-3. They stand for possible blocks or difficulties. Cards 4-6 show what will help you with the respective resolution under which they lie. Card 7 shows what you will gain if you see things through.

Now the three covering cards 1-3 have different meanings depending on what "mode" of card they are:

Major Arcana: self-sabotage - you are most likely to sabotage this resolution yourself and this card tells you more about why and how

Courts: sabotage by other people - people that may get in the way or "seduce" you

Minor Arcana: everyday life obstacles - chores, work, parties...what ever gets in the way

Practice reading with the New Year's resolution spread:

Dear Satu.

Recently I have heard that a lot of people are interested in our family life and it was said that people are laughing about me because they think I'm fat, lazy and stupid.
Now I would like to change my life. I decided to lose weight, be nicer to my neighbour Flanders and show a bit more effort at work. Could you tell me what chances I have of keeping these resolutions for the New Year?

Yours Homer J. Simpson

Dear Homer.

I used the Crystal Tarot and I have chosen the following three cards to represent your three resolutions. Losing weight: 7 of Pentacles; being nicer to Flanders: 2 of Cups; better work ethics: 3 of Pentacles.

1: 8 of Swords
2: Queen of Pentacles
3: Queen of Swords
4: Knave of Swords
5: Ace of Cups
6: Ace of Wands
7: Knight of Swords

What will most likely get in the way of your losing weight is that there is so many distractions, things getting in the way, you will have to fight on many fronts at the same time, lots of external influences in everyday life that could possibly get you off track. What will help you is the energy of the Knave of Swords, a cool, slightly rebellious character with a keen, sharp wit and logic. He is rational and critical and can be quite radical in his decisions. What it means for you is that you need to be less emotional and less malleable. You tend to go with the flow, your spontaneous ideas and impulses and think later (if at all).
What gets in the way of you being friendlier to Flanders is the Queen of Pentacles, a wealthy, pragmatic woman who can be narrow-minded or square so I am guessing it could stand for Maude Flanders and you feeling responsible for her death. That will make things difficult for you. What will help you is the Ace of Cups which stands for forgiveness, healing and love.
As for your third resolution what is most likely to get in the way or make things difficult for you is a woman who is very clever and eloquent, a critical judge of herself and everyone around her. I think it refers to your daughter Lisa. Most likely she often criticizes you, rolls her eyes at what you say and you get the feeling she doesn't really believe in you. It seems her opinion is more important to you than you'd think. What helps you in this respect is activating your passions, becoming active, showing her what's in you (Ace of Wands). You need to activate your creative potential.

What you will gain in all this is becoming more flexible and faster in your thinking, it seems you have intellectual potential that you will be able to tap into. You will be less predictable and probably a lot less naive. However you will also be less easy to please as you will be more critical.

I hope I could help you with this.

Love and Light


  1. This is such a fantastic New Years spread - can't wait to try it out myself! Great reading too, I love the idea of reading for fictional characters :)

  2. Grrr...stupid typo. Let's try this again: Thanks :) I have tried it out for myself, too and found the results quite interesting.