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Freitag, 23. Dezember 2011

Dear Satu - Yours Voldemort

Dear Satu.

Here I am trying to become the most powerful wizard this world has ever seen but unfortunately there is something that stands between me and true greatness - that damn mortality.
Recently I have discovered a way of possibly making myself immortal and I would just like to know what my chances of success are. Is it a good plan or should I
keep looking for other options?

Yours Lord Voldemort

Dear Lord Voldemort.

Thank you for coming to me with your question. I have used my Röhrig Tarot deck to do a "SWOT" analysis for you on this matter. It is a spread that shows the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a course of action. Here is the cards I drew for you:

S - The Magician
W - Four of Pentacles
O - The Star
T - Justice

Let me start with the pros here. So the strong point of your plan obviously is that it seems to involve very advanced magic. The Magician shows that you have great potential and putting this plan into practice means you would show everyone what you are capable of. As it is your desire to become the world's and history's most powerful wizard this is certainly a way of showing them what's in you.
The Star reveals that this plan promises success and longevity. The Star stands for hope in dark and desperate times so it seems this plan can give you new hope. On a more literal level I would take the "Star" to mean just that. It would make you a star of your domain. I assume this plan is something daring that nobody has ever tried before? So it is likely that everyone will know your name once you have actually accomplished what you are trying to do.

On the whole that seems quite positive so far but let me point out the weaknesses of the plan, possible pitfalls and drawbacks. One major weakness of the plan is that power can make you feel too confident and proud. The Four of Pentacles here shows somebody sitting on a throne surrounded by light and four shiny orbs, his gaze is directed straight ahead, the back of the throne seems stable and sturdy, so he feels protected and invulnerable there. In his confidence he may forget to watch his back. Another aspect of the four of pentacles is the wish for safety, security and power can leave you inflexible and single-minded. So any fortresses you build around yourself at the same time always are corsets and prisons.
What could become a threat to your plan and to you in the end is expressed here in the card of Justice. The theme is that of "reaping what you sow" and karmic retribution or poetic justice. With power comes responsibility. So you will have to question yourself whether you will use your power wisely and in a way that will not bring harm to others. If you cause hurt, it may in the end come back to you. That is the lesson of this card.

The quintessence I calculated is 6. The sixth trump is The Lovers. So the cards advise you to do what you do with all your heart and with love. Then you will be able to do almost anything.

I hope I could help you with your decision.

Love and Light

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