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Samstag, 24. Dezember 2011

Dear Satu - Yours Eve

Dear Satu.
Somebody in my neighbourhood has just made me an offer that seems to good to pass up. I am definitely more than tempted. However, it involves breaking a rule I have been set by my boss.
I thought, maybe I am ready to take more responsibility. Perhaps it is time to emancipate myself, take charge, be my own boss and the person who made the offer suggested my boss was just keeping things from me that would help me become more independent.
I am curious. What would happen if I take the offer and what would happen if I just ignore it?

Dear Eve.
I used my Crystal Tarot and the "Decision Making Spread" in order to help you. Here are the cards that I drew:
1 - The Significator: The Fool
2-3 What will happen if you take the offer: The Tower - The World - 3 of Pentacles
4-6 What will happen if you don't: Queen of Pentacles - Knave of Wands - Knight of Wands
What this is about is curiosity and the beginning of something completely new. The Fool is naive and trusting, he curiously ventures out into the world without worrying too much about possible dangers and consequences. He is chaos but he is still whole, infinite, he hasn't decided his fate yet. So far you have trusted your boss but now you think, he could be keeping something from you and you are looking for adventure and independence.
First let's look at what could happen if you take the offer. The Tower indicates sudden events that bring a drastic change. Something that will turn your convictions and/or your life upside down. The World shows that you will find the place where you belong, your "vocation", something that makes you feel at home. As you said it was a question of emancipating yourself from your boss and taking responsibility for your own life, The World seems to say just that. Three Pentacles shows that it will, however, be hard work and you will have to show what is in you and prove yourself. However, threes are dynamic, they show progress and advancement to a higher level. In that sense you will definitely become more independent and responsible but you might lose the trusting naiveté of The Fool card.
If you ignore the offer and decide to stay where you are, you will make yourself at home where you are. You will live in abundance, being safe and comfortable. The Queen of Pentacles could also indicate starting a family. However, there is still this urge to take initiative, to have adventures, to take charge and become active that I see in the Knave of Wands. A passion that becomes stronger in you, you might become restless and impatient. The Knave becomes the Knight. Somehow I have the feeling you have long taken a decision in your heart. Could that be?
I hope I could shed some light on the matter for you.
Love and Light

I feel the need to comment on this a bit as I couldn't believe my eyes when I pulled the cards from the deck. This practice reading helped me understand some things about the "Fool", "World" and "Tower". The Fool beautifully describes Eve's state before taking the apple. Trusting, naive, curious about the world, full of potential, innocent and unaware of dangers and consequences of her actions. Pretty much like a child. The Tower shows a "shock to the system", something happening suddenly that brings about a drastic change. I don't know any other card in the deck that could describe the moment of expulsion from the Garden Eden as well as the Tower. It seems the whole world around Eve (and her hubby Adam) crumbles, everything they had believed was secure, everything they had taken for granted was destroyed as a consequence of one single action - quite a Tower situation I would say. I like that after that the "World" came up. Not only does the card literally show "the World", the domain in which Adam and Eve now live their lives and have to work (Three of Pentacles) to sustain themselves, it also has the quality of going from foolchild to independent individual with responsibilities. For me the Fool is the traveller through the 21 cards of the Major Arcana and "The World" is his destination that becomes the start of a new cycle. So that card, too fits beautifully.
When I did the "What if I don't listen to the snake and don't take the apple" first I was a bit astonished to see the Queen of Pentacles as she is a very worldly, pragmatic and earthy figure but then I thought it made sense because she is queen in her domain, which provides all material needs. Usually you see her sitting or standing in some kind of lush garden or a nice palace. But the two wands courts here say it all. She wouldn't have been content. There would have been this drive to know more, see more, take charge, become active that there is in the fire element: the human inquisitive mind and exploratory urge.
For me it revealed something about the whole Fall from Grace thing that I knew before but it never became this evident. It was meant to happen, it was supposed to, Adam and Eve were made that way. It is said in the Bible that man was created "in God's image". I have long wondered about what it meant. Of course you could write whole books about that but part of it just means that humans were endowed with a creative mind, the means to build and shape their own world, become "little Gods" in their own domain. The catch is...with this kind of power comes responsibility. Humans were no longer the innocent "Fools" who could rely on God's wisdom. Now they had to face the consequences of their actions.
If you look at nature you will see that everything that God created makes sense and is balanced out nicely. Even if at first glance it seems strange or cruel, everything has its place and function in this masterplan. It is a little different with the things that we create as we lack that kind of vision and wisdom. Still, no matter what is being said about "original sin" and all that - it was a necessary process, all part of the plan. The lesson in all this is we should stop acting like toddlers in their terrible twos or irresponsible teenagers and strive to come a little closer to the image in which we were created, which means using our great gifts more wisely and more responsibly, preserving the natural balance.
Now, I am not really a Christian and don't believe in God in that sense or the Bible, for me God is a very abstract concept, a creative force in the universe. In my opinion, religions are merely our means of grasping the divine, giving it a face so that it's easier to deal with. if you look closely at the world religions - just the core of them, not what people made of it - most of them seem to convey the same ideas. They show us ways to use our creative mind wisely and responsibly and how to coexist more or less peacefully (I'm saying more or less because not all of them follow a completely non-violent approach).
Still, I greatly enjoyed the outcome of this reading. It had a bit of a wow effect for me.

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